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Fruits of Castro's Soil Pass No. 2

Ok this pass is complete! What a great night at Kris's house smoking a few cigars out of the pass with his nephew and another buddy. It was like a few years ago when we would get together weekly for a smoke and dominos and boy did we have some laughs tonight. I want to say thank you all for joining in and taking such great care of the pass as it made its way around the usa. Everyone put in some very stellar cigars and as usual Kris just blew me out of the water with his extreme puts. And then hooked me up with a very nice bottle of Rye. Thank you brother!

Thanks you everyone and look for round 3 coming this winter!


Paul, thanks for coming by. We sure had a good time and some laughs at my nephews expense. We have to do this more often before the summer is gone. Thanks for including me and looking forward to the fall one. Enjoy the Rye brother!