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Grandchild on the way


Sep 12, 2016
My daughter is pregnant, so heres a contest

Must be a member for at least 2 months.
Must be a member in good standing.
Guesses opened until 11:59pm EST September 20th. Guess after that will be void
Closet person(s) without going over wins
Do not cluter thread with anything other then guess (any thing other then a guess will void your guess)
Keep it clean good luck

Prizes are atleast a 5er
1 for date and time of birth (due sometime in September this month)
1 for weight and height at birth

Have Fun
Good luck
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Congrats buddy! I’m super excited for ya! 6.4 lbs 18 inches. Did she just find out she’s pregnant?
Original post edited for month due (found out the beginning of this year)
Congrats Brother!!!

September 20th 10:45am

7lbs 3oz 20” - my sons size when he was born

Thanks for the giveaway!!!
Congrats grandpa to be 👍. I will guess sept 27th 10:15 7 6 oz 18.5 inches
Congrats! They grow up really fast, so, enjoy! 😊