Happy Birthday Handyman Dave


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Happy Birthday Dave! Hope we can herf together again soon!


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Happy B day brother Dave! Hope it is wonderful and you get to sip and smoke something fantastic!


handyman dave

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Thanks everyone!

My dear wife got up early and made a delicious frittata for breakfast. She had it waiting in the dining room with lit candles and Rod Stewart singing love songs on the stereo. ... I gotta tell you, it doesn't get too much better than her. (And she is my third. #1 - 13 years, # 2 - 20 years, #3 - 3 1/2 years.) I am blessed to have her in my life.

I spent the day playing at the shop. A #2 Monte started off the day. (Golly, that really is a wonderful smoke. One of the best I have experienced.) I finished the afternoon with a "Shark." (Again, WOW! what an amazing smoke! I'd give my left nut for a box of them!! (Not that 58 year old man's left nut is worth very much, but it would be significant sacrifice never-the-less.) A really world-class wonderful cigar!)

My "kid's" package is ready to go on Monday and I feel good about it. (I'd be happy to get it.) And, I am settled in front of tube to relax this evening.

This birthday, among other things, I am really grateful for this place, for the really fine souls I have met here, and for the cigars we share.

Thank you!