Happy birthday Thoughts


Forehead wrinkle king
That’s it??
what did you do today? What did you smoke? 😊
Unfortunately no smoke today. Over the past few weeks we have been trying to get our house ready to sell since the value has gone up and my wife wants to move closer to my practice. Our babysitter fell through Saturday so we spent the last two days taking shifts watching the three kids while the other does some good ole chorin (powerwashing, throwing mulch, painting, dish, clothes, etc.). I’m gonna pull out that partagas 150 tomorrow to start dryboxing to hopefully get to it Saturday for my ‘late birthday smoke.’ Also, the wife hasn’t passed out yet so fingers crossed for that!

wife did get me this beauty. Damascus steel here in Tupelo from a guy that does his own personal work and sells online. 5B55D6D9-BCB3-4280-A0A1-8D63FC6BDC48.jpeg60C9C190-6CFC-48A5-8E68-AA7940BB7950.jpeg5C9E57FA-D472-4040-9201-B55685EF5822.jpeg