Has it been three years already?


My three year anniversary slipped by a few days ago and I just realized it. It's been a helluva time here at "The 'Pass" and I'm grateful to have met so many good folks and made so many great friends. Some of the most insightful, admirable, and honest people I know populate this humble forum. I'm also thankful for the opportunity to make a difference when and where I can. My time here has not always been smooth or trouble-free, but it has been a rich experience and that's more important.

To all the good men and women of CigarPass, you have my thanks and my admiration for helping to make these last few years so memorable and fulfilling and for making CP, you guessed it, the finest online cigar community on the internet.

Very best,


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Cheers Wilkey, been reading a lot here on the pass and your posts have been very insightful in my browsing.

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Damn my three year anniversary is the 16th. The Class of Oct/ '05 has certainly beeen a good one. ;) Congrats, Wilkey, Worm and me!



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I guess you're not a noobie anymore. I vote we keep him.

Thanks for being here and making our community that much better because of you, my friend.


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Congratulations Wilkey!
I think I'll smoke something extra special tonight.
Here's to many more!



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Hey Wilkey,

Does this make you a FOG????? :sign: :sign: :sign: :p

Thank you for sharing you knowledge, brother!