Holy shit seven years? Does that make me a FOG? Bah, lets give away some stogies


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1) I just bought a 50ct humidor, is this enough storage?

2) 7700 miles

ETA: Congrats on the anni and thanks for the contest.


Favorite Newbie question: Why won't my humidor stay at exactly 70/70 ALL OF THE TIME? I tried everything (2 days of seasoning).
My guess on your mileage: 7014


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Congrats, Daniel!
1. "Cello on or cello off?" Seriously, that question is so ubiquitous that it's its own punchline.
2. 6817


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1. What kind of cigar did Bill and Monica enjoy?

2. 6250 miles

Thanks for the contest!! Sounds like fun!

Kid Montana

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WOW, what a trip! I took 471 photos but I have yet to delete the crappy ones. I've curated a few from the first four or so days of the 8 day trip into an imgur album: http://imgur.com/a/64XVy I will be adding more as I review and edit them.

All in all, when I refueled after arriving home, I had 7740 miles on my 2016 Challenger, for a 3,828 mile road trip. WyoSmoke almost got it with his guess of 7700, only 40 miles off, but BigJake6904 guessed closest to the mark at 7777, a difference of 37 miles off actual. And no, these aren't price is right rules so fuck off. :D #ornery

My pick for best noob comment/question came from Napa_Smokes
1. I've been smoking cigars for x years. Why am I considered a Newb when I know more than half the FOGs on here?
This one always kills me. :rolleyes::p:D

Thanks everbody, I'll be in touch with the winners to confirm their mailing details and to every one else, enjoy the photos I took, feel free to use them subject to creative commons license (non-commercial only).


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Congrats to Jake and Napa. Hope you had fun out there, Kid. Thanks for the contest.