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How has COVID-19 impacted you?


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Feb 12, 2015
(unexpected) Benefits:
-I get to see my 5yr and 3yr old during the sweet time of 9am to noon and take the role of teaching them the stuff their teachers normally do. My 5yr is learning to read so it’s awesome to watch him sound words out, etc. my 3yr old is into coloring and dining and loves being read too. He is very inquisitive and for both kids, getting todo this before they are exhausted and hungry and essentially done fore the day has been great!
-Getting to spend more quality time with my wife has been great.
-finally getting to those projects that have been on hold.
Lessons learned from the down side of this:
-I really love personal interactions with people.
-the Grand Parent / Grand a child bond is very strong.
-I’m learning more discipline when it comes to online school work.
-creativity with work outs.

how about you? What lessons have you learned as we progress through this?
- We have witnessed my 7 year old daughter go from cartoons to live action tv shows
- She settled on The Goldbergs for some unknown reason
- We started relying on The Goldbergs to tell us what classic 80's movies we should show our daughter
- My daughter suddenly switched to The Masked Singer on Hulu
- Panic has now set in
- Grateful that her homeschooling starting tomorrow will be the thing that saves us


Nov 14, 2007
Just wanted to pop in a give a quick update.

From talking to a couple of ER Nurses I know, the ER is currently a ghost town. The hospitals made a push last week to clear out critical care beds and discharge patients that would have sat for a day or two under different circumstances. At the same time admission standards have been raised and patients are getting fast tracked out of the ER, to a floor or sent home quickly.

Local construction company dropped off some N-95 masks to help bolster our supply.

We've also had several members come into contact with patients who have tested positive, but as of writing, none of them are showing signs or symptoms. The City has offered up a City owned Fitness facility for members to quarantine should they not wish to return home.

The last week has been extremely weird in my personal life. I usually spend 2 of my non-shift days teaching Fire Safety/EMT to high schoolers or at the University of Akron. Since classes are suspended now, I've been working my way through a list of chores my wife prepared and repainting my girls' bedrooms. Spent Tuesday afternoon raking leaves in the yard, smoking a Buena Vista. It was nice just to be outside working.

I've taken stock of all the essentials: alcohol, tobacco, firearms (ammunition) and toilet paper and can report I am well provisioned to ride out the "stay-at-home" order issued today.


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Aug 27, 2015
I'm in the same state as @Breedy, stay at home order begins tonight at 11:59 PM. My place of employment is considered essential for the building trades so we get to stay open, for how long remains up in the air. No reported cases here but a lot of factory crew are not coming because of whatever reason they have. The plant can sustain itself at lowered manning but. if it drops much more we will have to shut it down.


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Jun 22, 2004
I came into the office, to check on some employees that don't have issued laptops. When I first started this job, I asked numerous times, about getting everyone a laptop. In a previous life I led a project, around Disaster Recovery and Preparedness. We'd go through drills a few times a year, to see how sustainable and productive we'd be, if our building shut down due to fire/tornado/zombies/pandemic/etc. At my current job, I was told that it's too expensive, to be prepared. Well, now we'll find out just how expensive it is, to NOT be prepared.

Personally, it's not too bad. I now know that my wife and I couldn't work together/start a business or be retired at the same time. I always thought I was a pretty laid back, fly by the seat of your pants, kind of guy. Man, not having a sense of somewhere to go/meetings to have/people to see, it's wearing on me. I guess I need a little structure in my life, or it drives me crazy. My wife/kids can wake up and jump on their phones for hours. I just can't do it. Much like @Breedy I'll be scrapping some popcorn off a ceiling, installing a few LED can lights and getting more honey-do's done.

We've been to our local grocery stores and it's the same across all of them. Paper goods, hand sanitizer, anti-bacterial soap and Lysol wipes are nowhere to be found. Shouldn't we be at a point, where those hoarders have hoarded enough and stock should be getting back to normal? Rice, beans, pasta, ground beef, chicken, pork, eggs are all gone. Yet there is a shitload of coffee. Are these hoarding savages, not coffee drinkers? Don't they know, that coffee is an essential item?

The one positive out of this, is that we're doing things more as a family. We've always sat down and ate dinner at our kitchen table, but during the week, we'd miss a kid or two due to activities. Now we're all at home eating together, which should be the way it is all the time. We're walking the neighborhood and taking the dogs, driving to HS tracks and walking. When it's not raining, we're trying to find places to hike. We enjoy the hot tub together and when it's not cloudy, we're amazed at how many stars are out there.

I saw a meme the other day, regarding us Gen Xers that made me laugh.


This one was funny as well:

Oct 8, 2008


The chair makes it really official though, right? 😂

Yes, I already have a home office/mancave where I smoke cigars & watch movies online. But that computer, an iMac, doesn't like to talk to THIS computer, a Dell All In One .... and all my FILES are on the All In One.


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Aug 30, 2006

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The chair makes it really official though, right? 😂

Yes, I already have a home office/mancave where I smoke cigars & watch movies online. But that computer, an iMac, doesn't like to talk to THIS computer, a Dell All In One .... and all my FILES are on the All In One.

What is stopping you from moving that to your man cave?

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Aug 2, 2006
Been working from home after getting back from Vegas last Wednesday. Same issues as most y'all. I haven't ventured out to the market for a week, and I probably will before the weekend. Might as well fire up the smoker if nothing else is gonna happen on Saturday. I like to take walks around the neighborhood and there are a lot more people doing the same these days. Weird to take the dog out at night and see pretty desolate streets with only a few scant cars passing by.

The GF and I have been spending a lot of time together and somehow we're still on speaking terms.

Bars apparently have the ability to make to-go drinks and that kinda blows my mind. One of my favorite gastropubs is selling g/crowlers of what they have on tap. I just wish they were closer to me.

I think I heard it best the other day regarding all of this: when we look back on this we should be happy to say we overreacted than the opposite.


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Feb 20, 2008
Well they officially closed our lab today. It made sense being an auto supplier. But it’s hard for a lab guy to work from home so I don’t know what’s coming next. I’m going to try and get some reports done that I can, and prep some others for the future. Me and another shut off all the equipment today. Kind of surreal the lack of sound with everything off...

Also have the shelter in place order tonight. It will be interesting to see how it’s enforced. As for stores, I’ve been able to find most items except for tp/pt and clorox/lysol wipes. We still have enough for now, but you would think it would be more fully stocked. Meat and food is pretty easier to find except someone is hoarding ribs from me so I can’t smoke them!

The only other thing that’s hard is my children. They live with their mother and are older so that’s good, but they are pretty attached to our visits and a decent meal or so. I don’t know how it works yet or how it will with the shelter in place stuff, but it is a concern. My wife has high bp, and mine might be higher lol now, so it’s hard with the risk. Though we have seen them pretty recently. And I had to run my daughter up to school to move her out of her dorm. None of this is ideal, but we are trying to do the best we can and be as safe as we can, and get better at it every day. Kids, even older ones, don’t have the same perspective all the time though.


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Dec 1, 2012
My county is finally shutting down.
Hope it's not too little too late.