Humidity Question?


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Two ways. 1st is, don't add any more liquid until it drops, or secondly, you can add more ceegars to absorb the humidity. :)

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You may find that by just opening the lid for a few minutes (5-10) may get the humidity to settle down. This will only work though if you live in a low humidity area.

Adding cigars is the best :D


You DO get a commision don't you Sibernation! :D

Thats ok, I wish I did. I love the stuff. :thumbs:


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LOL, I wished. :0 :p Just loved the way he took care of me when i wasn't sure what was needed and sent it right out. Then life has been good ever since. :thumbs:


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I can't agree more Vern is the man!

Great service and great product CLIMMAXX HUMI BEADS ;)

Gotta love that museum grade humidification to protect your investment :D

BenjieV :D


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Yes, they will absorb excess humidity. In such cases you may need to take them out and dry them every once in a while if they get saturated.


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For a quicker response, give Vern a call... his number is on the Climmax webpage. Vern is a member here... and a great one at that! Tell him that you're a member at CigarPass and that you were told to contact him... Bruddah Vern will definitely be able to help you out!




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Until you get the beads throw a couple of cedar sheets in the humidor. They will absorb the excess humidity.


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I was just having the same problem. I just got the Climmax bead and they worked great. What I did when I noticed it was too high I took out the humidifier until I got the beads.


thanks for recommending climmax and vern...summer is the only time i have a problem with high i ordered tonight(2 lbs climmax 65% stuff). mentioned(actually quoted wade) this email about an hour after i ordered.

"Thanks Derrek for your order, as a Cigar Pass brother I will give you a 20% discount on your order. Bruddah Wade is a very good friend, tell him I said Hallo.
Vern "

thanks wade and everybody else on this board

derrek :)


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You won't be disappointed with the 65% I have a pound of it myself in my coolidor, it works great. Now I have seen a couple of different ways of placing the beads in your dor. The one way that works great for me is too, split the pound in half and place it in 2 different spots, another way I heard that works great is to place the pound inside of a NEW pair of pantyhose and place it in your dor, I have not tried the second one, but it does make sense, as that the beads can control more of the moisture if more of the beads are exposed. Plus do yourself a favor and get a syringe to add the distilled water. JMO

first 1/2 pound of beads near top of Coolidor

second 1/2 pound of beads at bottom of coolidor.