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In memory of MadMonk

Well, that hit me like a ton of bricks. We'd PM'd back and forth week before last. I had no idea how serious his recent issues were. Damn. Godspeed, my friend. Those cigars we've traded just became far more valuable, to me. Heartfelt sympathy for his family. Sucks to lose a friend.
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What sad news, my condolences to his family. May he rest in peace.
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Prayers for his family. Dan, until we meet again. This is not news I wanted to hear.

Rest easy brother.
He was real good at hiding the severity of his cancer. He finally told me he had brain cancer, although he played it down. I knew then it was a death sentence. He was courageous until the end. Damn, I'm going to miss that guy. RIP

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Damn...Dan was a such a great guy. He was raising his son alone after his wife split. He lived for that young man.
Godspeed Danny....
Dammit. :(

I'm really going to miss him on here. Sad sad news.

Fare forth brightly, brother. May your ancestors welcome you warmly into their bright company.

"Cattle die, and kinsmen die.
Thyself eke soon wilt die;
but fair fame will fade never,
I ween, for him who wins it.

Cattle die, and kinsmen die.
Thyself eke soon wilt die;
one thing I wot, wilt wither never:
the doom over each one dead."

Doc, I had no idea. I suppose, like many of us at this stead in life, we don't talk about the real shit going on. Never said a word or even hinted in our PM's and conversations. I'm going to miss him too.
OMG was not expecting to see this RIP may the family and people that knew him well find peace and comfort
Shit this really sucks. Hope Rod makes his memorial a nice one. Condolences to his family, especially his son.
Rest in peace Dano. I knew about the health issues he was having and sent him the winnings for the Anniversary contest less than 2 weeks ago. We exchanged some witty banter before mailing and then I didn't hear anything after mailing. In my mind I knew something serious was going on because he loved this community and the people here and it was not like him to go radio silent. Sad news indeed, he will be missed.
Oh man this is sad news. Danno, one of the best guys I've never actually met. Rest easy friend. See you on the other side.
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Omg...this changes everything about the conversations I had with him recently. So sad to lose a brother like this but I'm glad to have finally gotten to know him a little bit more in these last few days. God speed.
Wow. I had no idea. This is terrible news. I am glad that he is with the Lord now. I hope his son is in a OK position right now.
God I really don't know what to say, I'm at loss for words. I knew he had cancer and that he was struggling, but how quickly he deteriorated really caught me by surprise. I was really hoping for the best and hope that his son and family will be okay. He was such a kind person and I remember him being one of the first members to reach out to me. Rest In Peace Danno, you will truly be missed.
Ah, dammit! When I read the thread title I was really hoping it was in regards to a bombing. Damn, this just hit me hard. Rest in peace, Danno.

Wow, that's a surprise. Really sad... RIP my friend, you will be missed...