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Below is a link for an index page for the cigar reviews in this forum. The page works best in firefox or safari. Hopefully its pretty self explanatory, but there's a help/info icon at top right which will display some blurbs about using it. Some of the features are unfortunately disabled for Internet Explorer because it has problems loading the entire data set (I've been trying to figure out a work around, but so far all the work arounds have horrible performance - you can still load the entire data set by submitting a blank search; when you get the dialog to abort, click no). All the data is contained within the code, so if you are on dial up - god help ya :). If you find any problems please let me know.

index page linky

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That is some serious work there. Grats on doing that. I forgot some of my reviews I've done and it searched just nice for me. :thumbs:


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That is some nice work. Makes it a whole lot easier to read reviews and find certain cigars.
Thanks so much for doing this. :thumbs:


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Very, very cool! I just went through a couple dozen reviews I would've never have seen if not for this. This will definitely be useful, thank you sir!


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This is absolutely fantastic! Thanks so much for taking the time to do this. You just made my life and everyone else's here much much easier. Now lets get it pinned at the top of the board!

Great job!


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I know we spoke previously about this - thank you for posting and completing the database! Looks excellent. Once our new website is complete, I will create a link to the database. Thanks again! :thumbs:


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Very nice indeed. I like that you can search by reviewer as well as letter of the cigar brand. :thumbs: Maybe this thread should be a sticky for now until it's part of the new site?

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Thanks so much. That is an awesome page. Must have take a long tome to pot together. Is there a way that we can help you when we post a new review to keep you and it updated? If we as a family keep you posted by pm on reviews as we post the, would that help? Or is there a way that when we post, we can upload to the database?

Thanks again for all your hard work.


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Very helpful.
I tried searching for NUB review but search didn't work.
Very easy to find a review with this page,thanks a lot.