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Wishing I was as cool as Phil
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I have a little java app that grabs any new reviews, and updates the data in the script. I then edit the title as needed, and upload the updated script. If the thread title and description are the cigar name and cigar size, then editing the title is easier. The way Kingantz names his threads works really well (btw congrats Kingantz on your 100th review!), but not necessary as long as the info needed is in the review.


Quietly getting back into the cigar culture.....
I wonder if we cold talk him into doing the same thing for the wish list thread
Sorry to bump such an old thread but is there any way we can still incorperate this into the website like Rod said he was going to do. It was very helpful although it seems not to grab the topics anymore.
Hey Rod,  Sorry I've been AWOL for a bit. When I get a chance I'll take a look at wordpress and see what we can do. I'm sure we can figure something out, but not sure I'll be able to do anything until probably March (I'm in the middle a continuously changing  project with a completely unrealistic schedule, but its on my radar).