It's been too long!

What's up everyone? Been quite a while since I have been on here and wanted to see what's up and how everyone is doing. Good to still see some familiar names on recent posts. I haven't forgotten about CigarPass and all you cool dudes! Things have been pretty crazy, busy, and exciting lately. Really don't spend much online time anymore on my computer so my forum participation has dropped off.

Biggest news in my life is we are building a new house. Bought some land a couple years back, finally sold our house last April and got underway. We are now within about a month of being able to start moving in! It can't come soon enough! We've been fortunate to be able to stay with family while we build and save money, but its a tight squeeze...especially over the holidays. So we are definitely ready to get our stuff out of storage and get moved in. We are planning a big BBQ this June to celebrate. You guys are welcome anytime! Right now its looking like the last weekend in June.

If you guys are bored and want to check it out, there are a ton of pictures/video posted in this google drive from along the way.

Another thing that brings me here today is I'm trying to do something for a buddy of mine that is going to be getting discharged from the Navy soon. He's spent over 14 years in Naval Spec. Warfare and due to a back injury will be getting out this year at some point. He's a really cool dude that has done a ton for our country and I know its killing him having to leave the teams. He loves cigars and I thought it would be awesome to find one for him with the date code from when he enlisted. hahahaha, I know its bad practice to just show up and ask for shit, but beings this is for someone else and you guys have always loved supporting our troops I figured you'd let it slide.

Anyways, I really hope you all are doing well and I can catch up with some familiar faces soon.



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I can't help you with your request but it's good to see you back around. You were my first Santa back in 2011 and since then I've moved to Charlotte. Nice house you got there, good luck.


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Good to see you Erick, glad all is well. I surely don't have a box sitting around that code. If I did I would help ya. I hope you're able to find something. Congrats on the house and positive changes. Best to ya!

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First off, your house looks very nice! Also digging the safe room! I don't have anything dating that far back, so I can't help with your request, unfortunately.


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Welcome back! Your new house is looking great.

Time for a herf 'n jerky!