Making my own humidor


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So I recently decided to start looking for a humidor but couldn't find one that I really liked the look of. I'm a big fan of modern and minimalist looks and I started thinking of if making a cigar humidor out of concrete would be something feasible. I already have experience working with concrete, and I know that I would need to line the inside with Spanish cedar and i'd only be looking to hold 50ish cigars. Does anyone know for sure if this would work and hold the humidity? I think it would work but I wanted other people's opinions before jumping into this. The picture I attached may give you an idea of the look and aesthetic .



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It would be a good experiment. Concrete can absorb and also radiate a decent amount of moisture around it. I’m guessing you’d have to have some pretty close tolerances with the cedar liner. It would be a heavy sucker!


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I don't know for sure, but something doesn't seem right with this. Concrete is porous and has an odor. I'd be reluctant to store cigars in a concrete humidor without looking into sealants and knowing what chemicals are released during the curing process (which is years).


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There’s definitely a reason why not to do this. Just doesn’t seem like the best choice of building materials with the desired result.


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Why? If you're looking for something simple, go to an Army Surplus and buy a used ammo can. Line it with Spanish Cedar and you're done.


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First, I agree concrete is not the way to got for reasons stated above. Second, I believe someone here found a used hand held rocket container ( 2slots ) and converted that into a humi. You might even consider a foot locker so you have room, and trust use, you will always want room. ?


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First, find a suitable container. This may be a small plastic box or old cigar boxes. Wash the case thoroughly using antibacterial soap and leave it to dry. Pay attention to how tightly closed the lid of the box. Well, there is a slight air circulation, if the case is hermetically closed, then remember that once every 2 weeks you will have to air out the cigars.
The next step is to install a humidifier. You can choose one of the options described above, or at the very least, moisten a regular household sponge with water. To regulate humidity, it would be nice to find a few cedar partitions from old boxes.
Store the finished humidor in a dark place at a temperature of about 21 degrees. From time to time, check the cigars, inspect for the presence of mold. In short, I did as is written here, and I got