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need help for verification: partagas 170 aniversario

I bought it from another seller who sourced it as a gift
If you paid nearly €4K for these, I would already be talking to that other seller who sold you fakes and threaten legal action. I'm not sure you have a case, but that's a lot of money to simply accept being scammed out of.

That whole lot isn't worth more than €20.00, so relisting them as anything other than novelty "Genuine Fake Cuban Cigars" is downright criminal. You have had several CC experts give you factual, non-opinionated evidence on how they know your cigars are fakes (Bill @CigSid is the authority on Cuban cigars). I am sorry you got taken for so much money, but if you try to now knowingly recoup your lost investment from someone else, then it makes you nothing but an asshat and a scumbag. Please do not do that.
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hi folks, new in here. need help to verify a cigar, i couldnt find any information about it. does anyone could tell if the partagas 170 aniversario humidors contains these Piramides with 2014 limited edition band? View attachment 66443
there is no original box with it, it came as a gift with a small humidor from other brand,
yes i agree with you, the 170 aniversario humidor doesnt seems to contain such a cigar , nor the 2014el was a torpedo. i wonder if it's fake cigar, why would they make it so odd, would;ve been easier job without EL band
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please have a look on the listed photos from the ricardo app, the band and the body of the cigars doesnt look off to me
that's right, listed price is based on the price i purchased,
If the cigars are not from the 170 anniversary humidor, they are not necessarily fake. According to the information we know now, whether the cigars are original or fake is just a personal opinion.
yes, i ended the listing. since it's controversial
I bought it from another seller who sourced it as a gift
i think i got answers guys, thank you for your participation
Juuuuuust in case.

Then the redirect of purchasing tells you this guy truth is whatever is convenient to say to keep the wool over your eyes.. He knows exactly what he's doing. He came here hoping to find some suckers to rip off. He's a scumbag waiting to be put on the list. He's on mine. To bad I don't have the boot button. I'd kick his ass back to counterfeit land.


This has been one of the most entertaining threads I’ve yet to read, even with searching through past posts and comments!

His determination is undeniable! Lol