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Netflix and other shows you are watching

Just started watching Constellation on AppleTV. Kind of weird. Only on episode 3.
Just finished Deadlock on Prime. A different “who done it” that was also somewhat comical.
My daughter and I just returned from seeing "Imaginary". You know how the 80s had all of those cheese-ass horror movies with comical looking practical effects and "monsters"? This is a direct descendent.
We watched Argylle this weekend and laughed our asses off. Anyone who says this is the worst movie ever has never seen Time Bandits.
Understand what you are going in for when you turn it on, and this was hilarious. The casting was outstanding, too.
Watched Season 1 of Lone Wolf and Cub on the YouTube channel Ninja Vs Samurai. Not as gory or outrageous as the movies, but a solid TV series with great drama.
Been watching Star Trek Discovery.
Enjoying the Easter eggs.
We went to see "Immaculate" tonight. If you are a fan of horror from the 70s and 80s (not cheesy slashers, but actual horror), you will love this. The cinematography is excellent; I'm not sure if it was actually shot on film or "enhanced" digitally to make it seem as such, but film-wise, it stands up with classics like Rosemary's Baby and The Omen. Sydney Sweeney has really won me over lately as an actress and not just a cute blonde whose main talent is showing skin. The plot payoff was a little sketch when it comes down to it, but it's an original take on something that's been done to death -- I'll give it that. There's plenty of practical effects gore for the fans of that stuff (my wife said it was too gratuitous and was ready to walk out in parts). Personally, I think that the gore served the film, rather than just serve as torture porn, such as in the Saw franchise. This film was a refreshing break from the myriad craptastic CGI-laden thrillers being released. To paraphrase Scorsesi, this was cinema.
Rebel Moon part 2. In my opinion. Good stuff. Of course, I did enjoy the 1st one also.
Wife talked me into watching Baby Reindeer. We finished it and I'm still not sure what to think about it.