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No nuts.... number of cigar bands guess challenge.


one day older than dirt
Jan 7, 2001
For your viewing pleasure I give you 3 angles to view, of an emptied plastic container of mixed Floyd's 😎.... that has been stuffed with bands from cigars smoked by me.
Here's how this will work... guess the total number of bands in the jar and post the number. The Price is Right rules apply, the first correct on the nose guess, or the closest with out going over will win a 5 pk of daily traveldor smokes from me. The contest starts now and ends on Hump Day 4/20/22 at 4:20 pm PST. 😎 That should give everyone that wants a chance, enough time to mosey around and find this thread and throw in a guess.
This Contest is free and open to all members new and old.
1 guess per person please.
Thanks for being a part of CigarPass.


Good luck!