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Nominate a newb


Habitual Threadjacker!
Feb 2, 2008
Here's the scenario, I have cigars in my humidor I'm probably not going to get around to smoking. Someone new to cigars would like them to fill up their humidor.

I want you to nominate your favorite newb. Not a "I've been smoking for 15 years and just joined CP" newb. I mean a "barely knows the head from the foot, still buying RPs from cbid" newb.

1. You can't nominate yourself. If you want in, and no one nominates you, reach out to someone established and see what they think.
2. I will check your posting history to see if you've been a complete asshat at some point.
3. If Jfields nominates you, you're automatically out.
4. Contest runs until the end of the month.

Prize: cigars.. duh. They won't be earth shattering. They won't make that thing in your pants tingle. They'll just be decent, middle of the road, solid cigars that are perfect for a guy trying to figure out what he likes.

And I'm so nice, I'll do this twice.
I'm a little father along than snagging fivers of Gurkhas off cbid, thankyouverymuch :cool:

I don't post in the daily smokes thread since I don't have a cell phone and it's a PITA to take pics, but as best as I can tell, I've smoked around 400 cigars since I started around March-ish.
Yeah I wasn’t nominating you because you are clueless, we all know better. I nominated you because you are deserving!
Great Contest idea! Thanks for doing this!!

I will vote for someone....just not sure who yet?