Oskar Blues Bourbon Barrel Ten Fidy


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Really weird. You'd think in TX that things wouldn't be as tight as up north. Then again, you can only buy hard liquor through ABC stores in VA. Hmmmm Goose Island. Looking foward to my trip back to Chitown even if its only for a couple of days! G1


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Who's Jonas? :sign:

I've been thinking about a road trip this fall. You up for it Quade? We could crash at Casa de Burtch. I'm sure they won't mind if I set up the RV out front...
Yea yea yea! I need to visit this place more than once a year. A trip out to CO is a helluva idea man!

I've been pardoned for a long weekend in CO. I wasn't sure if I would do the GABF or sum huntin'?

I'll bring my disco ball for the RV...
Get your ass out here quade! I have a line on GABF tickets for anyone that missed them and still wants to come.

EDIT TO ADD - If you guys do make it out for GABF or any other random event we will make a point to finish that old crusty keg of OR Ten FIDY sitting in my fridge...


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Interesting thread. I'm staying across the street from the Oskar Blues restaurant in Longmont this week and next. Will have to stop in and see if I can try this brew.


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I would definitely stop in to Oskar Blues! Ten Fidy is liquid fight in a can. It's very strong. The bourbon barrel has to be awesome!!!