Places to buy Pipe Tobacco & Accessories


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well, dang... I missed that announcement, and was wondering why his web page didn't seem to be working lately :(

oh well - hope he enjoys his retirement :thumbs:

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Reading through some old threads because I'm bored.

Everyone should own at least one cob:

Missouri Meerschaum seems to be the industry standard, but I honestly haven't tried anything else:


Hello, Hoping someone has a German connection or is better at searching then me,.

I have a great briar with meerschaum insert that I am on the hunt for more filters for it takes say Heibe Papier Pfeifenfilter No. 3 (diameter: 3.4 mm) . And the pipe embassy won't ship to the USA.

Does anyone know anywhere in the US that might carry them B&M or Mailorder?


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Hello to everybody!
I am going to Singapore. Any help, where to buy pipe tobacco in this restricted area?
Kind regards from Austria!


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In case it matters to anyone is now owned by Cigars International.


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Russ Ouellette, the brains behind the H&H blends went with P&C to CI.
So you can expect to see more of his work there. His, and CI's hope is that Russ will ramp up CI's pipe side. If anyone can, Russ will.