Premium+ Virtual Pass


Flaky McFlakerton
Jeff, I'll take a look at these after the video virtual!

Charley, these will go Monday if you don't mind to avoid the weekend sit! 9405 5036 9930 0134 8413 01

Rob, as requested these will leave Monday as requested! 9405 5036 9930 0134 8887 33


Flaky McFlakerton
They look good to me Jeff, green light!

Which makes Gavin Last but not least, up to bat!


Flaky McFlakerton
Sounds good Jeff! :thumbs:

Gavin, you're puts and takes don't pass the "gut" check! Reevaluate and try again!


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Sounds good Jeff! :thumbs:

Gavin, you're puts and takes don't pass the "gut" check! Reevaluate and try again!
I have to disagree with you on this one. I would say they all pass the gut check with me.

Gavin, just send CJ a few Padron x000 and you will get at least an Opus or 2...


Sorry for the delay, fellas, you guys are just too fast! I'm back home. I'll try to get some Puts and Takes up today.


Alright, let me try these out:

Take: Alec Bradley Prensado Toro 10.55
Put: E.P. Carillo Edicion Inaugural 13.00

Take: Angelenos Lonsdale 8.95
Put: La Flor Dominicana Casa de Tabaco Air Bender Maduro 9.15

Take:Fuente Solaris 8.95
Put: LFD Digger Maduro 9.10

Take: Illusione CG4 6.00
Put: Viaje Oro Torpedo 8.30

Take: T52 Robusto 9.00
Put: Anejo #77 9.50

Take Ramon Allones Belicosos RE Alemania 15
Put: God of Fire Serie B Gran Toro 22

Take: Tat Black Petite Lancero
Put: HdM Epicure Especial

Take: Viaje Stuffed Turkey 9.50
Put: EP Carillo LE Dark Ritual 13

Take: FFOX Robusto 12
Put: Hoyo de Monterrey EL Short Hoyo 14.50

Let me know what you think, and thanks for waiting for me to get home!

I added the prices I could remember.


Flaky McFlakerton
Gavin I'll check these and get back to you!

On another note, Charley and sar127s packages flew today!


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I think that would be a fitting end to this pass... On a side note this was an impeccabky run pass. Kudos to you CJ! Thanks for having me!