Premium+ Virtual Pass


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They look good to me Gavin.

CJ, mine will be out in the morning. The weekend was crazy, and didn't think about it till I was at work today.


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Gavin, it looks solid to me brotha'

Thanks for the kind words Mark, and make it snappy Jeff :p


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Thank you once again for a very speedy and informative pass, CJ. Also, thanks to the rest of you, it was a pleasure.


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Damn, this is already over? Maybe I should have waited longer to get my P/Ts in after returning from Disneyland... :cool:

CJ, thanks for having me in this pass! It was a lot of fun.


Since these virtual passes go more quickly, this has flown by. Great job, Ceej. I guess the question is, who's hosting the next one? ;)


Flaky McFlakerton
Thank you guys for all the kind words, this pass was awesome and thank you to all who participated. Once the cigars land at their final destinations, I'll ask Rod to move this to the completed section.

Keep your eyes open for another pass here in the new future!

I'll make a questionnaire soon and ask of a few minutes from each of you to help me improve the next pass and all my future passes to come!


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I hope that the recent trend of more passes comintues. This is such an awesome way to try new smokes and make new friends.