Review of Cohiba Robusto


Aug 18, 2020
Hi everyone

After a Cohiba Siglo II I found a little disappointing, I tried another Cohiba but this one is the Robusto and let’s say straightaway it was a great moment !!

Wrapper color : Colorado

Pre light : mostly sweet aroma (honey) ; and cedar (probably from my cave too)

1st third : flavours are really sweet and the smoke very creamy. On the retrohaling, aromas are on the chocolate (but no bitter), honey and a little vegetal I think.

2nd third : flavours remain very sweet with still the chocolate and apparition of caramel (toffee) and wood

3rd third : the cigar tends a little more on bitterness but remains sweet (especially for a last third). I sense cocoa aromas and earth.

After around 1H30 of pleasure, the cigar is finished but what a great moment !

What I liked :
  • fantastic aromas (from my point of view)
  • very well balanced
  • good density of smoke (very creamy)
What I didn’t like :
  • nothing indeed : maybe just the consumption which was not perfect but I think it was because of the humidity of my cave (a little too high : around 74% and I « dryboxed » it just 4 hours before)
My rating will be 9/10



One Leg Of Fury.
Apr 29, 2011
Another great review! Glad you enjoyed this one. Try dry boxing for a few days next time. I bet that will help with the burn.