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RIP Franco Harris


For once, knowledge is making me poor!
Mar 7, 2007
I believe this deserves it's own thread.

Franco was the epitome of class from the day he joined the Steelers in 1972. The Steelers don't retire numbers, Franco's number 32 will be only the third retired Steeler number. It's amazing and sad that Saturday was teed up for the 50th anniversary of the greatest play in NFL history when the Steelers and Raiders play, and Franco died a few days prior.

Here is an interview he did with Cam Heyward (nose tackle) just hours before his death.
Awesome interview<<<< Link

Outside Acrisure Stadium, there is a bronze footprint at the exact spot where Franco caught the Immaculate Reception in Three Rivers Stadium.
Bronze footprint <<<< link
A true giant of not only football, but of humanity. He became a part of the community and helped so many through all his charitable endeavors. RIP
RIP…….I grew up watching him, he was always bigger than life itself.
RIP Franco. Remember you well, specially since We were married in '72. Great man.
He’s up there with John Madden lamenting about it being an incomplete pass.
He’s up there with John Madden lamenting about it being an incomplete pass.
It's sad, but weird as well, that Madden never got over that one play?

50 years is a long time to obsess.😁