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Captive of the Dark Side
Jun 13, 2002
I have noticed a trend here that probably needs discusing. We all need to remember that Cuban cigars are illegal in this country. We can all talk about having this or that cuban cigar on the board and that's fine. I for one think that all talk about sources, shipping methods, or what ever else is involved in the obtaining of cubans should be done by PM or email. Customs is aware that cuban cigars are coming into this country. They confiscate many boxes everyday. They aren't aware of all the different methods that are used, but will be if it's discussed openly. Many a good source has been lost because of this. If Don Smith is getting cubans into the country in pokadot boxes labeled peppermint sticks that's great, but if too many people learn of it or post about the pokadot box they got in the mail that source will dry up. Let's all use our heads, use private means to talk about sources.

Disclaimer: This post isn't aimed at any one person but to all of us as a reminder. I'm as guilty as anyone else talking about this box or that shipping bag or the color of the bands. I know that I'll be more carefull in the future, hope everyone else is also.
I agree Wascal. With a lot of new members, this is a particularly timely word of caution. This board has always been fairly liberal when it comes to this subject. Many boards will ban you and put you in the bad trader list for openly discussing sources - but only after cranking up the flamethrowers to 11. That has never been the policy here but we're a smaller group than most. We tend to police ourselves. So let's all be careful and keep such discussions on the DL. While I think the risk is fairly small that an ATF or Customs official will be browsing this board, it is better to be too careful than not enough.

I think it's fair to discuss any of the advertisers on this board, by this I mean those who post in the Hot Cigar Deals section. After all, they are not trying to maintain any secrecy themselves so it's not like we're "outting" them. All others should be kept to private discussion.
THANK YOu Mr. Sams!
Well if yall think I'm going to stop discussing my brothers sisters cousins source to her friend at work bosses nephew who lives in Miami and knows someone who lives in Cuba that has a friend that works at the factory.....you're nuts! :p :D

Good words of advice there Wascal....... :thumbs:
I'm not supposed to let everyone know where you can pick up the best box of glass-topped Cohibas? Bummer. ;) :D

Excellent advice!
We should have a forum called "Wascals Words of Wisdom" :p

Seriously though, Im glad this posted. Thanks Wascal :thumbs:
Point taken, and thanks to Wascal.

But there needs to be some consistency. For example my post and the thread that followed of 7/16. Nary a peep.

Then see the last post in my now closed topic in "Group Purchases". Three members' names, no mention of a vendor, but now it's "let's crucify the Utah guy!"

A little confusing....
ROTFLMAO, sorry but hang around and you will find this group to have some of the best guys you will ever know. Sorry to laugh but going from a Pariah to a crucified Utah dude in less than 24 hrs isnt bad. Your moving right on up. Actually your correct we do need consistancy and Im pretty sure thats why Wascal wrote this. Have a smoke, and don't be so hard on yourself bro. :thumbs:
Good post Wascal! But.... it goes beyond discussing sources. It should also apply to dragging members' names into discussions about purchasing cigars or about their sources or who they choose to share sources with.

If a CPer has dealing with another CPer regarding their cigar sources... it's no one's business but their own. If THEY want to share their experience with others in private then that's fine but a 3rd party shouldn't bring their names into a post. Also, if you ask someone about a source for cigars and you aren't given the information keep it to yourself or if you have questions or concerns about it contact them privately via PM or email... don't bring things into a forum that should be kept private.

No one is crucifying anyone here but it should be pointed out as to what would be considered acceptable versus unacceptable.

Let's all use our heads, use private means to talk about sources
and I'll add that we should all use some common sense and class too. Nuff said.

When I was a newbie on the boards - not only this one but others, I remember getting the whispers about ISOM's and how to get them. I could not believe the prices though!!!! I mean expensive!!!! Then as some more time went on, and because at times I can be a good observor, I realized there must be a better way and that not everything was as expensive as it looks - and well by then I had found out about some prices people were paying.

I remember being frustrated at being told "no, I can't tell you my sources" or at best "let me know what you want and I will see what I can do, but your not getting the source". I honestly didn't understand it - especially since to this day I have yet to buy a box and have only gone in a couple box splits.

Then just a short while ago, friends started to give me sources - to the point that I have several sources - some really cheap and others a little more but still cheaper than what you normally see and I understood.

Just as in many clubs, people need a chance to see you, to watch you and learn if they can trust you with informaton. Why? Really simple, if everyone knew of these places, then everyone would buy from them. Good? Bad? Indifferent? Considering the fact in a sub-culture that is all about supply and demand, it is really nice to know that there are a couple of places to go that don't gouge you. They do YOU a favor and keep membership low, so that you can afford to buy cigars that quite frankly would otherwise be beyond people's budget.

I am glad I finally learned of these sources - though I am not anywhere near a member, nor probably ever will be. I am content with my sources to be able to go to these places, see what I want and then make my order through friends who are members. I got there because I paid my dues as it were and proved myself someone who could be trusted.

I also now understand why people kept it hushed hushed to me for a long time. Which makes it even that much better now that I have earned their trust. So for newbies - and please note, if your new to a board, then you are a newbie - it doesn't matter if your new to cigars or old hand, your new to this or that community and therefor a newbie. My note is this. Participate in whatever you can. Post. Get to know people - more importanlty let people get to know you. Yes it may take awhile, but you will eventually either prove yourself someone people can trust with these sources or not. The "payoff" of information is there at the end but it is not - nor should be just given to you immediately.

Like it has been stated, ISOM's are illegal. Why morally, I have no problem breaking "this" law, it is still breaking the law nevertheless and as such does put those of us who buy ISOM's in the "criminal" category. We have to protect ourselves and one of the few ways we can is to ensure that those we let in on the secrets as it were (though quite frankly most of them you should be able to figure out on your own, god knows most of us did and the final key was the information that lead to this topic) are people who have earned our trust. Still a risk, but most people in it for a quick fix or to re-sale, or to take advantage, etc. etc. aren't going to dedicate a year or two on a BB like this one to earn the "right" to get this information.

Anyway my thoughts are done, just remember if your a newbie to hang in there, the information may come to you one day, but it means you have to earn it. It's not a case of "I'm better than you", "I know more than you", "I am a FOG and your just a newbie", it's about developing trust in relationships - and friendships are just that - relationships, it's about keeping prices low enough so that one day when you are given the information those prices are still low ;)

In the meantime, you have buying clubs, box splits, fivers, passes and trades to get what you want, so your not being denied the fruits of that information - only the ability to get directly yourself but you can still get indirectly ;) So your not losing out on anything really.

Joe P said:
You can get cuban cigars delivered to the US? ;)
Some people can say it all in a few words while others..... :lookup:

FatherTiresius said:
While I think the risk is fairly small that an ATF or Customs official will be browsing this board, it is better to be too careful than not enough.
Actually it's not such a small risk.... right Rod?? :)
Leave it too Sam to make the longest post. :p Damn I bet your hands are tired, but I do imagine that you are constantly exercising, your grip :p . Right? :p
PG that was jsut wrong :p

Can't help it - you all do know that at one point in my life I studied to be a pastor right? :sign:

Wow. . . .I read the first part of Sam's post, got up and ate lunch, laid down and took a nap, and finally had the strength to finish the post. . . HA HA HA

And I thought I was long winded. . . . :D :D :D

(Just kidding Sam)

Wascal, you are right. That is why I love this BB. Everyone is friendly and reasonable.

And don't worry psyktek. . . no one wants to crucify you. This really is the best BB out there, and everyone is willing to give members the benefit of the doubt. Don't give it another thought. Really. . . :)

Great post Wascal.

Great Novel Sam. . . :D


He's no post paddin whore like some around here I could mention !!! :sneaky: