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This story highlights something that seems to be true with not only memorabilia, but also cards - they peak in value the moment they're released.

When my son was real young, he was into cards. We'd buy packs and boxes. Couple decent cards I checked the prices, they were good, so I held on. Even just a year later, they were a fraction. And that had nothing to do with player performance. Yeah, that 1/1 is great now, but next year that same player will have another 1/1 released and the I one cares about yours anymore.


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For those who are interested, and who have an Instagram account, Follow my daughter and I on a sports card journey. @peanuts_and_crackerjacks.
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At one point I got into Hockey cards. My buddy told me I should pick a player and try to amass a bunch of his stuff for my collection.

I picked teemu selanne. I should have picked a better player.

If anyone needs some old teemu selanne hockey cards I have a bunch for sale!! Lol. Lots and lots of rookie cards.