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Super Bowl Squares 2022 FULL!

Great game! I had good numbers yhe whole game but ......
Congrats to the winners! Thank you so much Paul for doing this!
Congrats to the winners. This always makes the game more interesting. Looking forward to next year.
Congrats to the winners. I got the outcome I wanted from the beginning of the playoffs. Did not want to jinx it by getting into the squares this year
Not hung over just none of the winners really celebrated here this year. Chad has what I have and boxed will be mailed by Friday. Ben @modo22 PM me your addy to make things a bit easier for me please. Ill trust that you will give Rob his winnings!
If my Calculations are correct, I went ahead and took the 30 seconds to look.
Q1 - Adam C
Q2 - Tom36
Q3 - Le Prim
Final - Rob

My bad, sorry you had to waste 30 seconds to look. Southwest's wifi doesn't really allow me to do a lot of surfing. Guess I could have just looked when I got home.