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Superbowl 2018 random draw

I show 3 people cigars missing if you have sent them let me know so I can double check otherwise please try and send them as soon as possible thanks
congrats. sorry i have been busy an not on top of this. I sent a PM to last two people i am missing cigars from so hopeful i will have them soon and can take a pic.

No big deal, was just boasting my victory!
Best season record - Saints (CigSid) and Rams (Brickhouse)

Worst season record - Cardinals (Drunkfish3)

Playoff teams:

Thank you New Orleans for losing that last game of the season. Rams have done me right in this pool.
I forgot I had the Saints here... they still have a (small) chance... but who am I going to root for? Of course the LA team ?
Boom. Icing the kicker doesn’t matter when your team is good and your kicker is golden. It’s big boy football. Call all the timeouts you want. Z put it in their face, it woulda been good from 70 yards.


last undefeated team - Brickhouse - LA Rams (10 cigars)
best regular season record - Saints (CigSid) (5 cigars) and Rams (Brickhouse) (5 cigars)
worst record - Cardinals (Drunkfish3) (6 cigars)
Superbowl loses -Brickhouse - LA Rams (25 cigars)
Superbowl Champs -Ironpeddler- New England Patriots (45 cigars)

Thanks for hosting Chester! Addy sent!