The Evil Dr. Moki's Group Blind Taste Test #1


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Not my fault... still waiting on reviews from bfreebern & grateful1 -- I'm flying out to Las Vegas tomorrow at noon, so unless I receive the reviews tonight, they won't be posted until tomorrow night at the earliest.


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Andrew - thank you for the chance to experience some fine cigars.

Your generosity is appreciated.


As I've learned, sometimes 'no good deed goes unpunished'. :whistling:


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I think he was playing the bald Elvis minister in Vegas this past weekend.
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Will post #10 shortly... I timed the test the way I did to try to have it done before I left for Vegas, but alas, a few reviews were late so I had to push it back a bit. I just didn't have much time while in Vegas.


el Presidente
Cigar #10, Cuban Cohiba Panatelas, 2003 (4.5" x 26) - everyday

Image courtesy of enerjay

bfreebern said: tight draw, wood prelight. Tobacco and wood notes throughout the cigar.

bfreebern guessed: Origin: Cuban - Price: Everyday - Age: 4 years - Marca: Partagas Chico - Rating: 4/10

BlindedByScience said: Grr….little cigars…!! I’m going to have to try to set my preconceived notions about small ring cigars aside and be objective here. Bottom line is I don’t really care for small ring cigars, even ones that look as nice as this one does. My reason is straight forward; little ring cigars just burn too hot for me, even if I try to nurse them along and smoke very gently. I strongly prefer something along the lines of a Tatuaje “Bombazo” or an LFD L200. This one is roughly a 24 ring and 4 7/16” (~113 mm) long without the cap. Draw is very tight, but pre light it gives off some nice almost cinnamon or vanilla tastes. Time to smoke….

This little guy was almost completely plugged. I made it through about ¾ of it but about all I got were hot, bitter tastes. I could tell that there were some flavors trying to get through but they didn’t make it. Too bad….tasted like there were some nice flavors trying to escape but the cigar was plugged

BlindedByScience guessed: Origin: Cuban - Price: Premium - Age: 2 years - Marca: Monticristo Joyitas - Rating: 3/10

Brickhouse said: It was hard to get past the smallness of it all, but the flavor was not in the least bit little I found 2 qualities that I tend to pick out in most Cuban cigars and that was Creaminess along with a Vanilla flavor. Both were very prominent. There wasn't any spice to speak of. This cigar went very well with a cup of CP Coffee. I think the coffee really helped in bringing out some coffee flavors out of the tobacco as well, if that makes sense. They complimented each other very well. I've definitely never had this cigar, as it was the smallest I've ever smoked. But based on the flavors I'm guessing Cuban. Based on the quality and construction I'm going with Cohiba, and based on the size I'm going with Panatelas Laguito #3. Very good cigar, just not my cup of tea on the size.

Brickhouse guessed: Origin: Cuba - Price: Everyday - Age: 7 years - Marca: Cohiba Panatelas Laguito No.3 - Rating: 7/10

enerjay said: Tasting notes: Smooth cigar well aged. Light hints of Coffee and cedar. Sweet notes of honey in the nose

enerjay guessed: Origin: Cuban - Price: Premium - Age: 20 years - Marca: Cuban Davidoff - Rating: 10/10

insight said: Let me regale you all with an epic tale about the little cigar that could. One brisk evening the small cigar, filled with hopes and aspirations was plucked from its happy home. It was taken far outside its natural climate, as part of the legendary beedog inquisition, to be tortured for information on its origin and acquaintances. At first the little cigar held firm, only giving off hints of flora and generic tobacco with a slightly sweet aftertaste. But as the terrifying heat grew, the little cigar began to lose sense of time and space, introverting into a world of long ago, when little cigars were free to play in the streets without fear of oppression. Although the cigar's resolve began to waiver, along with its floral flavors, the tight resolve remained! It would fight its captors until its last breath, mellowed by the flames and soured by the tar it endured along the way. Holler.

Rating = 2/10 (because it is the right thing to do using the X'X(-1) X'Y approach. Trust me.)

insight guessed: Origin: The Cuba - Price: Everyday - Age: 45 years - Marca: ERDM Senorita - Rating: 2/10

grateful1 said: Earthy and dry smoke to begin. Slight floral note in the middle. Straight tobacco through out. Slightly creamy.. It seemed like a mature cuban, but the taste showed hints of Fuente - tough call. Great burn and draw! It was a very nice short smoke!

grateful1 guessed: Origin: Cuban - Price: Everyday - Age: 15 - Marca: Partagas - Rating: 7/10

NorCalCigarLover said: 4 1/2 inch, small ring. Dark brown in color, rough wrapper. Pre-light aroma of tobacco, woody with a slight manure smell. A taste of sweet wood, pepper and woody. Med-full strength with pepper and spice. Nice little cigar. The only cigar I've ever seen that looked similar was my guess.

NorCalCigarLover guessed: Origin: Cuba - Price: Everyday - Age: 20 years - Marca: Por Larrananga - Rating: 7/10

sinnyc said: This cigar is tiny, really a cigarillo. It has a rough, veiny, slightly damaged wrapper that is an even milk chocolate brown.

It has a floral or perhaps more herbal base with a slightly salty tinge in a mild cigar. The draw is tight so I am working it a bit. The salt is gone within 2 puffs – I am sure it was the physical wrapper and not the smoke – and this great little cigar is changing. Still with an herbal undercurrent, there is clean tobacco with a slight honeyed cream coming through now. Herbal tobacco down to the very end, I wish it were longer so that it didn’t smoke so quickly! Nice cigar.

My guess is that this is an aged Cuban machine made. Although it could certainly be another H. Upmann, it seems just different enough to me that I don’t think that Moki slipped us 2 of the same brand. El Rey del Mundo? It does remind me of some aged Lonsdales I have.

sinnyc guessed: Origin: Cuban - Price: Everday - Age: 15 years - Marca: El Rey del Mundo - Rating: 7.9/10

Smokyballs said: Rich cinnamon cookie. Honey and nuts.

Smokyballs guessed: Origin: Cuban - Price: everyday - Age: 12 years - Marca: Montecristo Joyitas - Rating: 7/10

tone-ny said: This petit cigar had a lighter wrapper and an opaque sheen to it. Construction was excellent, the draw was a little tight, but burn was even.

Overall this was a very pleasant cigar to smoke and had a grassy, camphor/menthol taste to it. The nose was slightly spicy. The draw was a slight issue but not a distraction. It is either a Bolivar or an ERDM.

tone-ny guessed: Origin: Cuban - Price: Everyday - Age: 6 years - Marca: Bolivar - Rating: 7/10


Results Summary

Origin: 10 Cuban, 0 non-Cuban

Price: 0 budget, 8 everyday, 2 premium, 0 super-premium

Age: High: 45 years, Low: 2 years, Average: 14.6 years

Marca: Partagas: 2, El Rey del Mundo: 2, Montecristo: 2, Cohiba: 1, Bolivar: 1, Por Larrananga: 1, Davidoff: 1

Rating: High: 10, Low: 2, Average: XX

Cigar #10 was actually a: Cuban Cohiba Panatelas, 2003 (4.5" x 26) - everyday

Who nailed it: Brickhouse (with the help of MRN ;) )



Everyone thought this cigar was Cuban... and they were right! The only other cigar we've had 100% consensus on regarding it being Cuban or not was the Cabaiguan WCD 120, which everyone also thought was Cuban (it of course, is not). Interestingly, though everyone thought this cigar was Cuban, the marca guesses were once again all over the map, with only Brickhouse nailing exactly what this cigar is: a Cohiba Panatela! Well done, sir!

And yes, at the risk of repeating myself, we once again have a situation where no consensus was reached on the rating for the cigar, with some loving it, some hating it, etc. In this case, though, it seems that a number of the people who didn't like it may have been due to the cigar being a tight draw; so again construction issues play a role in the rating of the cigar.

Other data of note is that many people thought the cigar was very old. I find myself wondering if the thought process went something like this:

"Well, it's a strange size... not many non-Cuban cigars are made in this size, so it's probably Cuban... I can't think of many current production Cuban cigars that are in this size, other than the Cohiba Panatela, and it doesn't taste like that to me, so perhaps it is something else... but many of the marcas that had this size were discontinued years ago, so perhaps the cigar is very old."

Just a guess! :)

That's it folks, the test is over! Thanks for participating... I will post some more data and observations in a bit, once I have time to do some data mining.


Congratulations to all the players and to Sir Moki for sponsoring the test. It has been a pleasure to follow. :thumbs:

Nice observation from Smokyballs...I enjoy both the Monte Joyitas and the Cohiba Panetelas but stock boxes of the Joyitas because they're so much cheaper. :D To me, they are entirely comparable and when they draw well, I've had just a few tight Joyitas but far fewer than one would expect based on the diminutive ring, they deliver 60+ minutes of pure espresso goodness.

Well done, mates!



I smoke therefore I am!
Andrew, thanks again for making these cigars available.

I really enjoyed the process and seeing how much variation in tasting the same cigar there was. I think Wyatt has way too much time on his hands, it seems he did a lot of research on these :whistling: Overall I'm not surprised at the results and as in everything individual perceptions vary.

Great job to everyone of the panel and my thanks again for being included.


Tibi ipsi esto fidelis.

Other data of note is that many people thought the cigar was very old. I find myself wondering if the thought process went something like this:

"Well, it's a strange size... not many non-Cuban cigars are made in this size, so it's probably Cuban... I can't think of many current production Cuban cigars that are in this size, other than the Cohiba Panatela, and it doesn't taste like that to me, so perhaps it is something else... but many of the marcas that had this size were discontinued years ago, so perhaps the cigar is very old."

Just a guess! :)
Yeah, I think that the things you mention as well as the memory of cigar #1 did play into my guess, Moki. This smoke did have touches of plume though and that certainly reinforced my bias towards it being a well-aged cigar. Again I will say that I wish I could have done this test blindfolded as I suspect the results would have been quite a bit different.

Andrew, thanks again for running this extravaganza. I learned a great deal about my own tastes and I had a hell of a lot of fun doing it.

- Tim