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The Rob_K's got no fuggin' smokes pass!


Oh My!
Feb 6, 2006
In light of the return of a few choice fellow...and to see who else we can sucker, errr, find to play...we present a pass!
We'll see if I can get this on the road before my birthday (this year)...in hopes it gets back before the NEXT one.
Players (invite only):
sweetrice80 - rice rice baby!
bobbyritz - Moniez
jonesy - not the shoe company!
jfields - Jonesy's other half
Charley - Cosmic ranger
insight - tweedle dee
seadub  - the lost sailor
Kayakinboy - aka : the mad paddler!
golfanatic - Loves to watch
brickhouse - Not the cigar!
rob300c - squirrel hunter!
jcl - Rob's +1
thinde - el chef'e
Rob_K - unknown
....more to follow?
Rarity prevails
Post 'um and the players will comment
Players take and put for one DCL then for their choice(s).
Adding - Two for ones are allowed on the DCL's only.... the DCL's are valued at $13.50. - note rarity still comes in to play on the others.
1986 Montecristo Tubos - Take BobbyRitz
1987 Ramon Allones Gigantes
1970's Sancho Panza Cabinet Petit Royals - Take BobbyRitz
1970's Bolivar Bonita
1995 Cohiba Lancero - Take BobbyRitz
Davidoff Panatella Extra - Take JCL
Davidoff Millenium Blend Piramide - Take Jonesy
Davidoff Golden Band Award
Davidoff Millenium Blend Lancero - Take jfields
Arturo Fuente 858 Sungrown - 2005 Take Sweetrice
Davidoff 100th Anny. Robusto - cello
Avo 80th
Fuente Unnamed Reserva - Take Sweetrice
Fuente God of Fire Carlos 2006 Robusto
PLPC  - why not! ;) - take Charley
RGPC - and another! :D
Don Carlos Lancero Take Sweetrice
Don Carlos Lancero
Don Carlos Lancero Take Jonesy
Don Carlos Lancero Take jfields
Don Carlos Lancero Take Charley
Don Carlos Lancero Take seadub
Don Carlos Lancero Take insight
Don Carlos Lancero Take Golfantic
Don Carlos Lancero Take kayakinboy
Don Carlos Lancero Take JCL
Don Carlos Lancero
Put: Monte 2
Put: 858 SG (New) - Take Jonsey
Put: Opus X Perfecxion 2003
Put: Fuente between the lines Take Golfantic
Put: 80s Partagas Palmas Grandes (ninfa)
Put: 1992 Partagas Lusi
Put: 70s H. Upmann Singulares Tubo
Put:  2001 SLR Double Corona - Take jfields
Put:  2011 Monte No. 2 Gran Reserva
P: Padron 1926 #2 Maddie - take Charley
P: God of Fire Carlito Churchill 2009
P: Tatuaje Cojonu 2003
P: Tatuaje Black Petite Lancero
P: Tat Black 2007 Christmas Vendor Release
P: 2001 Sancho Panza Sancho
P: 1983 El Rey Del Mundo Pantelas Largas - Take JCL
Put: Bolivar Corona Extra
Put: Opus Double Corona Take Golfantic
Put: Padilla 1932 Lancero ('07 Peppin made)
I'm not sure wtf happened here:
Chris took AF 858SG 2005 - Put "2003 Opus"
FUente Unnamed Reserva - Put BTL
DCL - Put Monte 2 and 858 sg?
Put: Casa Corona Gorda circa 09?
Put: HU Super Corona 01
Put: Bili BBF 08ish?

PUT - Punch Churchill 1998
PUT - 858 Sungrown 2011
PUT - Short Story Maduro (the public release from a year or two ago).

Put: Casa Fuente robusto
Put: Liga Privida No. 9 Flying Pig - take JCL
Put: Anejo #77 Shark 07'
Put: Davidoff Special R Tubo
Put - 95 Monty especial #1
Put - liga Privada #9 pre release
Put - lost City Opus Lancero
Put - SCdLH
Send it this way, and I'll keep it.
...OK, I'll P/T some sticks.  Got some rare La Luna's that I'm sure you guys will dig..... :p
Harumph!I didn't want to be in your fuggin pass anyway! Pfttt!
You might entice him with a double double, I hear that's some good bait. ;)
I've got some nicely aged Backwoods shaggy foots...can't wait!  :)