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The Rob_K's got no fuggin' smokes pass!

Sorry for the delay dude, I'll give you a call later for a life catchup lol. 
Chris took AF 858SG 2005 - Put "2003 Opus"
FUente Unnamed Reserva - Put BTL
DCL - Put Monte 2 and 858 sg?
It seems this is on it's way to KB...and he's got his plate full.
More to follow...still...again...
Life has been hell lately. Digging through this thread and sticking my fat head in the box today was a much needed relief. I am afraid that ny collection isn't nearly what she used to be, but I did find something I thought would be nice for the lancero. If I am unequal, slap my hand with a ruler and I'll fix my mistake.
TAKE - Don Carlos Lancero
PUT - Punch Churchill 1998
PUT - 858 Sungrown 2011
PUT - Short Story Maduro (the public release from a year or two ago).
That's very generous.
Please contact the next participant as we might get this thing around before years end...maybe!
Thanks for playing!
edit - first post has been updated - sorta.
Everything arrived safe and sound. It sure is fun too look all this stuff I can't even hang with...

Opus DC

Casa Fuente robusto
Liga Privida No. 9 Flying Pig
Anejo #77 Shark 07'
Davidoff Special R Tubo

Let me know if I'm not square.
Sorry for the delay I took today off work to make sure this goes out. Yes that's how busy I have been. Just sent UPS to Wyatt.
Trackin# 1z19938v0383194312
Yes I did thanks! UPS Pass in the am and then golf. All I had to do. I had a black and mild on the course
WooHoo....this things flyin'!!!

Springfield, IL, United States


6:13 A.M.

Out For Delivery
Hey fellas!
Just got the pass.  I'll inspect and start looking at my Ps and Ts tonight.
More to follow!!!
Ok, so I did the inspection and inventory last night, and I have to say I'm a bit confused.
Inspection looks ok, although the big Sancho Panza that remains has seen better days.
As for the inventory.....there are 34 cigars in the box, 29 listed on the sheet, and what appears to be 31ish on this post.  So I don't know where we are on the inventory piece here.  I'll have to go one by one and build the list again to see what's on hand.
Beads looked ok, but I'll  recharge.
I'll  look at my T's and P's after I figure out what's up with the inventory.
Did you expect something else when you signed up for this pass?
First post updated.
Can I request a price/rarity check on the Monte #2 Gran Reserva?

Trying to figure out if I have anything that will match up.

I'm pretty much set after I figure that out.
Ok, I'm going ahead with my T's and P's as I think the Monte #2 GR is too rich for my blood.

Here they are, please provide feedback.

P1: Tatuaje "The Face"

T2: Padilla 1932 Lancero ('07 Pepin Made)
P2: LFD Double Ligero "Cameroom" Lancero '07 Box 67 of 100

T3: AF Short Story Maduro
P3: AF Opus X Perf X #4

T4: God of Fire Carlito 2009
P4: Zino Platinum Emperor Edition Crown Series 2010

T5: N/A
P5: Tatuaje T110

After feedback I'll either pack it up or adjust as necessary, thanks!
Holy cow........I thought this pass was over months ago. See what happens when you get Chris involved with something.

The puts and takes look good to me but why the 5th put and no take?