Time to drop the homepage?


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We have about 20 articles that are part of the core website (homepage). Since articles don't get posted often, I'm thinking of dropping the CP homepage and just having the forums. I can install a portal homepage which is tied directly to the forum.

What do you guys think?


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I don't use or look at anything on the home page, forums only here. Thanks for everything Rod, this is the only forum I participate and read on a daily basis.


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Can't tell you the last time I went to the homepage. Sticky the great threads linked from the home page that have solid info, lose the home page, sounds good to me.


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Is it hurting anything? As cigsid said he visited that first. Maybe like everyone said sticky a few main posts there and let it ride


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I'll put a portal in place of the homepage. Any articles on the core site will be made into threads and pinned under a Cigar FAQ (or something) section. Stay tuned. :)


What does this button do again?
The home page is how I found the forum. It might be interesting to know just how new members are finding the place.


What does this button do again?
What comes up first in a 'search'?

A homepage may be best for 'hits' and folks checking things out.

Then if they really want to get into a forum...they will.
This pretty much described me. I didn't start out looking for a community. I started out looking for general information when i started my cigar journey. I'd consider the home page the foyer. No one hangs out in the foyer, but it does serve to welcome guests.