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IMG_0860.JPG IMG_0861.JPG IMG_0865.JPG Smoked a WF Lancero from Johnny O (ROTT). It's like that girl everyone talks about, and it's all true. Laid it out on the desk for three days. Still had that sour farm smell. Some say hay and sh!t. But it reminds of the inside of a dairy cow barn. Cold draw, licorice. First third was cool smoke and rich, wet tobacco. The draw was a little snug, not that much smoke. My palate is not a developed one, but I got fresh ground black pepper in the second third. The last third, or a little bit earlier is where this thing took off. A plane at cruising altitude, no more bumps. Draw loosens to perfection. Lots of smoke. Great ash. Did relight a couple times as it got down to the nub. But I contribute this to the wetness from the tobacco and the tip. This was my experience. I will definitely be buying more, when I can afford it.

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BTW thanks Mr. Scott for the gentle push to buy.
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