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Training Wheels Pass - FNG pt deux

Blue Dragon

Can't Re-Member
Jul 18, 2005
Training Wheels Pass

Welcome to the April Training Wheels Pass! That's right, this will be a learning experience for everyone (I always learn something new in passes). This pass is open to members of CP who have been on CP for less than 1 year and more than 1 month at the time of this post. The purpose of this pass is to help newer members gain some credibility and experience here on CP. Please note that there will be many eyes watching your actions, but don't be afraid to ask questions. I have tried to put a wide variety of sticks in this pass to allow everyone to have a shot at something they will be interested in, as well as experience in all of the issues that arise.

1: Have fun! This is meant to help out the newer members. Everyone is free to make suggestions, but I don't want to see any bashing or drama popping up here. This is my pass; I have the final say.
2: Keep the ball rolling - Think about your P's and T's before the pass gets to you. PM or Post what you propose ahead of time; you can always tweak it after the pass shows up. Turn around for the pass is expected to be a day or two, so be available.
3: Communication is key - PM the next person to see if they are ready to receive the pass. Make sure they respond that s/he is ready! If you have something come up and will not be available, please let me know!!! We can try to work around it.
4: Equal for Equal = Standard P/T rules apply: 1 for 1, Value for Value, Domestic for Domestic, ISOM for ISOM, Rarity for Rarity. Feel free to shoot me a PM to discuss how to determine any of these, or ask another established member.
*note: I have done a lot of thinking on this, and there will be some ISOMs in this pass. If you plan on trading for one of these, prepare to be grilled (phone or PM). Nothing personal; you're just a new guy.
5: Read the Rules Sheet! - Please. It is put in there for a reason. It outlines just about everything. Even if you think you know it all, you might learn something new. I'm not going to list them all here, so read it!!
6: Inventory the pass - Check the checklist sheet to what was received. Check this first post for a cigar inventory. Make sure they are numbered correctly. DO NOT take cigars out of their baggies unless they are your approved takes. Shoot me a PM on any issues.
7: Have Fun!!! - Hopefully you will get to sample some cigars you have never tried before, or possibly just see that you have read about.

If you are interested in participating in this pass and meet the aforementioned requirements, please post here. Participant selection is still up to my discretion. I'm thinking somewhere between 10-15 participants. Pass list and the cigar list will be updated on this first post.

Pass List: (pass order) - Full
1. Bahianut - Sent: 03061070000209773511
2. tomthirtysix - Sent: 0103 8555 7491 3902 6053 Chose
3. CgarDan - Sent: 0103 8555 7490 7832 8379 Chose
4. Martin2D - Sent: 03062400000338260542 Chose
5. Phlicker - Sent: 0103 8555 7491 2549 3777 Chose
6. Boogs34 - Sent: 0305 2710 0002 9747 7376 Chose
7. jfields - Sent: 1Z2E24290243087269 Chose
8. Jonesy - Sent: 0306 0320 0000 0351 9143 Chose
9. enerjay - Sent: 0306 1070 0000 8595 5261 Chose
10. kramer0622 - Sent: 0306 1070 0001 6236 9110 Picked for him
11. tsmckenney - Sent: 0305-1720-0001-3595-9828 Chose
12. billytpage - Sent: 03060320000353309135 Chose
13. vin# - Sent: 0307 0020 0004 5994 0746 Chose
14. mmburtch - Sent: Hand Off Chose
15. beaucredo - Sent: 0306 3030 0002 8315 2178 Chose
16. davidr2340 - Sent: Chose
Home: Blue Dragon - Received. :cool:

Cigar List: (Insured by CPI)
1) Arturo Fuente - Flor Fina 858 - Maduro (P: Blue Dragon - T: tomthirtysix)
2) Arturo Fuente Hemingway - Signature Natural (P: Blue Dragon - T: Jonesy)
3) Arturo Fuente - WOAM (P: Blue Dragon - T: tomthirtysix)
4) Ashton Aged Maduro - #50 (P: Blue Dragon - T: Martin2D)
5) Ashton VSG - Tres Mystique (P: Blue Dragon - T: tomthirtysix)
6) CAO Brazilia - Lambada (P: Blue Dragon - T: Bahianut )
7) CAO Italia - Ciao (P: Blue Dragon - T: Boogs34)
8) Carlos Torano Exodus 1959 - Torpedo (P: Blue Dragon - T: Bahianut )
9) Cu-Avana - Churchill (P: Blue Dragon - T: enerjay)
10) Cusano 18 year - Double Connecticut - Churchill (P: Blue Dragon - T: Bahainut)
11) Gran Habano #3 - Robusto (P: Blue Dragon - T: enerjay)
12) Gran Habano VL - Torpedo (P: Blue Dragon - T: CgarDan)
13) H. Upmann Vintage Cameroon - Belicoso (P: Blue Dragon - T: )
14) Indian Tabac Super Fuerte - Toro Maduro (P: Blue Dragon - T: Bahianut )
15) K.Hansotia (Gurkha) Symphony - Churchill (P: Blue Dragon - T: ) - Cigar Problems
16) Padillia Miami 8 & 11 - Torpedo (P: Blue Dragon - T: Bahianut )
17) Padron 1926 - No. 35 (P: Blue Dragon - T: tomthirtysix)
18) Punch - Double Corona (P: Blue Dragon - T: CgarDan)
19) Rocky Patel Edge - Torpedo Maduro (P: Blue Dragon - T: enerjay)
20) Rocky Patel REO - Chairman (P: Blue Dragon - T: davidr2340)
21) Rocky Patel Sun Grown - Robusto (P: Blue Dragon - T: jfields)
22) Rocky Patel Vintage 1990 - Perfecto (P: Blue Dragon - T: Martin2D)
23) Romeo y Julieta Reserva Real - Toro (P: Blue Dragon - T: )
24) Trinidad Maduro - Robusto (P: Blue Dragon - T: )
25)El Rey Del Mundo - Demi Tasse - FR NOSO - 1990 (P: Blue Dragon - T: mmburtch)
26) Montecristo Edmundo - EFA SEP 05 (P: Blue Dragon - T: jfields)
27) Partagas Party Short - SIH DIC 05 (P: Blue Dragon - T: billytpage)
28) Rafael Gonzales Petit Corona - NRG JUL 05 (P: Blue Dragon - T: Martin2D)
29) Romeo y Julieta Petit Corona - ENH OCT 04 (P: Blue Dragon - T: Boogs34)
30) K Hansotia Gold Label (P: Bahianut - T: )
31) CAO Black Bengal (P: Bahianut - T: enerjay)
32) PAM Imperial (P: Bahianut - T: Jonesy)
33) Arturo Fuente Hemingway - Signature Natural (P: Bahianut - T: Phlicker)
34) Fuente Don Carlos #3 from the "30 Year Celebration 1975-2005 Collection" (P: tomthirtysix - T: Phlicker)
35) La Aurora Preferido Cameroon Robusto (P: tomthirtysix - T: CgarDan)
36) Graycliff Professionale PGX (P: tomthirtysix - T: davidr2340)
37) Rocky Patel Honduran Blend Robusto (P: tomthirtysix - T: tsmckenney)
38) Rocky Patel Connecticut 1999 Toro (P: tomthirtysix - T: Martin2D)
39) Arturo Fuente Chateau (P: CgarDan - T: )
40) CAO MX2 Toro (P: CgarDan - T: davidr2340)
41) Oliva Master Blend II Robusto (P: CgarDan - T: jfields)
42) Padilla Habano Robusto (P: CgarDan - T: Phlicker)
43) Sancho Panza Double Maduro Escudero (P: CgarDan - T: kramer0622)
44) Diamond Crown Maximus #5 (P: Martin2D - T: Phlicker)
45) Rocky Patel The Edge Missle (P: Martin2D - T: Boog34)
46) Por Larranaga Petit Corona 04 (P: Martin2D - T: Blue Dragon)
47) Arturo Fuente Cuban Belicoso SG (P: Martin2D - T: Boog34)
48) Arturo Fuente Opus X - xXx (P: Phlicker - T: kramer0622)
49) Nat Sherman Omerta 2006 Torpedo (P: Phlicker - T: jfields)
50) La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero Lancero (P: Phlicker - T: mmburtch)
51) V Centennial 500 Robusto (P: Phlicker - T: tsmckenney)
52) Peterson Gran Reserva Robusto (P: Phlicker - T: tsmckenney)
53) Peterson Gran Reserva Churchill (P: Phlicker - T: )
54) La Flor Dominicana Double Ligreo 600 (P: Boogs34 - T: Jonesy)
55) Gurkha Legend Aniversario Perfecto (P: Boogs34 - T: )
56) Gurkha Ancient Warrior (P: Boogs34 - T: kramer0622)
57) Montecristo No 4 (P: Boogs34 - T: Blue Dragon)
58) Carlos Torano Signature Toro (P: Boogs34 - T: )
59) Vegas Robania Unicos ROA FEB06 (P: jfields - T: enerjay)
60) AVO Piramide Natural (P: jfields - T: mmburtch)
61) Tatuaje Noella (P: jfields - T: tsmckenney)
62) Litto Gomez Diez Chisel Puro (P: jfields - T: vin#)
63) Don Pepin Garcia Blue - Invictos (P: jfields - T: vin#)
64) Cohiba Siglo II PLM MAY06 (P: jfields - T: vin#)
65) Ashton Cabinet Belicoso (P: Jonesy - T: davidr2340)
66) Perdomo Edicion de Silvio Torpedo (P: Jonesy - T: Jonesy)
67) Padron 1926 Serie #35 Maduro (P: Jonesy - T: billytpage)
68) Don Pepin Garcia Serie JJ Belicoso (P: Jonesy - T: billytpage)
69) Zino Platinum Grand Master Robusto (P: Jonesy - T: Boogs34)
70) Perdomo Reserve Champagne P (P: enerjay - T: )
71) Rocky Patel Vintage 1990 Sixty (P: enerjay - T: )
72) H. Upmann - Monarchs A/T GEP JUN 03 (P: enerjay - T: Blue Dragon)
73) H Upman Reserve 6x50 (P: enerjay - T: )
74) RyJ Maduro Reserve Churchill (P: kramer0622 - T: )
75) Gurkha X-Fuerte (P: kramer0622 - T: CgarDan)
76) WOAM (P: kramer0622 - T: beaucredo)
77) Gurkha Master Select Robusto (P: tsmckenney - T: kramer0622)
78) Carlos Torano Virtuoso Encore (P: tsmckenney - T: ) - Cigar Problems
79) Don Pepin Blue Exclusivo (P: tsmckenney - T: jfields)
80) H. Upmann Coronas Major Tubo 2003 (P: billypage - T: )
81) Bad To The Bone Padillia - 6x60 (P: billypage - T: Blue Dragon)
82) Gurkha Legend Churchill (P: billypage - T: )
83) Ashton VSG - Wizard (P: vin# - T: beaucredo)
84) Tatuaje Havana VI - Hermosos (P: vin# - T: Blue Dragon)
85) Punch - Black Prince NOV00 (P: vin# - T: mmburtch)
86) Cohiba SigIII BYL Nov05 (P: mmburtch - T: Blue Dragon)
87) Avo LE 07 (P: mmburtch - T: Blue Dragon)
88) Montecristo LE06 robusto PUT ABR06 (P: mmburtch - T: Blue Dragon)
89) Nat Sherman 1400 Palma Grande Maduro (P: mmburtch - T: )
90) Fuente Don Carlos #3 (P: mmburtch - T: billytpage)
91) Hemingway Classic Maduro (P: beaucredo - T: beaucredo)
92) Tatuaje Cojonu 2003 (P: beaucredo - T: vin#)
93) Padilla 1932 Toro (P: davidr2340 - T: Blue Dragon)
94) AF Cuaban Beli (P: davidr2340 - T: Martin2D)
95) Top Shelf Signature Select Churchill (P: davidr2340 - T: Blue Dragon)
96) Montecristo Edmundo (DIC04) (P: davidr2340 - T: Blue Dragon)
I'd like to express interest in joining up, but will be out of town April 18-25. So if this would exclude me, I totally understand. If not, please count me in.

Will this pass be covered by CPI?
Sent ya PM Blue.

I would love to get in on my first pass. :cool:
I <3 training wheels! But the Big Wheeled bikes are the best. oh and good luck BD and all the participants in this pass. Theres some fine cigars in that selection.
I'd like to express interest in joining up, but will be out of town April 18-25. So if this would exclude me, I totally understand. If not, please count me in.

Will this pass be covered by CPI?
Good point .. I kinda forgot about that. I am a member of CPI, so this pass should be covered under CPI. However, there are some things to note: From the By Laws

· When starting a pass, the insured will state that the pass is insured by CPI.
· Suggest that persons joining the pass also join CPI.
· Have all participants deliver priority mail via USPS or any private carrier via means to deliver in 2-3 days.
· Have passers include delivery confirmation on the box.
· All participants must individually number each cigar placed in the box.
· All participants must post in the appropriate Cigar Pass thread, all put and takes.
· If a passer includes a cigar or cigars intended only for the pass starter, these will be considered gifts. Gifts will only be insured for passers who are current CPI members.
· Don’t not take advantage or cheat CPI.

So, although it is listed in the Rule's sheet that will follow the pass, please note that the pass must be shipped w/ a tracking number and w/ 2-3 delivery time.

If you plan on hosting a pass, I would recommend joining CPI. :thumbs:
I_read_it the first time, problem was I hadn't realized I hadn't been here a month when I sent the PM...lol
Wanted to get the PM out before it filled up.
Well Cory... If you'll have me bro, I'm in!!!
Thanks for doing this!!!
Hey! Thanks for letting me get my feet wet BD. :thumbs:
I would like to join. .I am in the spring fever pass though, so if you need room in this one I do not need a spot.