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Training Wheels Pass - FNG pt deux

Ok... Package is in great shape, and very secure!!! :thumbs:

My proposed...
Puts - Takes
#93 - Padilla 1932 Toro / #40 - CAO MX2 Toro
#94 - WOAM / #84 - Tatuaje Havana IV Hermosos
#95 - LFD Chisel / #74 Ghurka X Fuerte
#96 - Top Shelf Signature Select Churchill / #20 - Rocky Patel REO Chairman

#97 - Montecristo Edmundo...

Thanks for having me brother Cory!!! :thumbs:
OMG ... David, I need to apologize. I read this completely backwards. I usually always see them listed as 'this is what I want to take and this is what I want to trade for it'. You have them listed as Puts and then Takes; AND you even spelled it out for me... my bad. :blush: These would have been completely appropriate as well. If you still want to trade for the Hermosos, please do so. :thumbs:
YOU BASTID!!! :angry:

J/k Cory... Now worries bro!!! Box has already been dropped off at the Post Office! All is good!!! :thumbs:
Dc# 0103 8555 7490 2185 8014

Thanks once again for having this newbie, and always good when the pass hauls ass right along like this one did!!!