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UGH!!! I spent way too much today!!!! Contest COMPLETED


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Dec 4, 2020
UGH!!!! I just spent way too much!!!! Contest COMPLETED

Today 12/1/21 I spent way too much on cigars (no such thing). Take a guess at how much I spent on cigars (shipping, taxes not included) today. What did I spend today! You get two guesses. When I see first guess I will give a laughing response if it is too low or an angry response if it is too high. If by chance someone answers with the exact amount they would win automatically.

Here are clues that I've already shared with a couple brothers in general conversations so everyone is starting at the same place.

"UGH!!!! I just spent way too much!!!!"
"Really pretty disgusting, but wtf, it's become a big part of my life over the last year."
"I bought 3 boxes" of the JR Cigar 50th Edition by Dunbarton. If only, LOL!

These are comments I already shared with @Eqwhipped and @ConDaddy.

Everyone that that is a member as of December 1, 2021 is eligible.

Winner gets a simple cigar package which will include a couple cigars I bought today, a couple other cigars from past purchases, some notecards from a not so famous photographer and shipping.

We aren't talking aged CC money here. Anthony and John I will hold your beer, but I'll drink it too. LOL

Like many other contests, fuckery gets you disqualified. Hope this is fun!

Yes, I'm an asshole. I've ended the contest as two brothers are on the right dollar amount

@TexasTraveler and @Le Primauguet are co winners!

Please forward all complaints to Hayden
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You haven't spent too much unless you're selling off smokes you already have to make room for new stuff coming in. Not that I'd know anything about that. Jeez, that Staebell cabinet looked pretty big when I bought it....:rolleyes:

My guess - $900