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What’s Your Latest Purchase - 2019


Where did all my money go?
I'm always reluctant to buy something new to me that's discontinued. I'm always worried that it will be the best cigar I've ever had, and then I'll be disappointed that I can't get anymore of my new favorite cigar.
I find things that I can’t get my hands on, or are rare that much more special and tend to enjoy them more.
For example, Founders Backwoods Bastard and KBS. When they were both super rare, I savored them when I could get my hands on some. Now that Founders has upped the production, I don’t feel that way so much. I guess others feel that way judging how it sits on the shelf at Total Wine and Costco anymore.


Forehead wrinkle king
Anyone with experience with My Father cigars? This is my first one. Was not bad. I bet with a few years they are amazing but I do not know them that well. Opinions?