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What’s Your Latest Purchase 2023

I take a break for a couple weeks and see y’all crushing it with your pickups!

@StewNasty69 and @meiji are on that CC game hard trying to be like @jfields.
@Mavric is going hard on the box game. What are you using as storage my guy?
And @xyz123 youre nuts…😝

I’ve been dialing back a little, quality over quantity. Here’s the goodies from the last couple…Trades and BINs

You am intrigued. What are these ?
LCA Dead Stock. Bascially their version of Caldwell's Lost and Found Seires.

LCA Incredible Hug rolled by AJ Fernandez

Ezra Zion The Raven Blood Red

I picked a couple of the two in the middle today as well. I thought it was a regional thing though?

I picked them up at my local B&M in Louisiana. I know they are a limited release.
Solid stuff I think age will help alot or at least I hope

You snuck in before Covid.. 👍

They should be good to go now.. provided they were taken care of the past 4 years-ish.
Solid stuff I think age will help alot or at least I hope
Those absolutely improve with time. Last time I had a box of them, they were one of my favorite cigars in my inventory by the time I finished them off; I managed to make them last almost three years. Those should be fantastic, already, and only get better.