What music are you listening to currently?


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Frank Zappa - The Roxy Performances (1973)
7cd box set with 4 full shows and rehearsal and studio session

While Frank may be best known as a social commentator, guitar player and leader of the Mothers Of Invention he really wanted to be known as a composer. Some of the structure in songs like “Pygmy Twylyte,” “Penguin in Bondage” and “Erchidna’s Arf (Of You)" are unlike anything before or since. Timings that only the most accomplished musicians with hundreds of hours of practice could do. Try playing a 7 13 timing and then switching to 5 9 without a major glitch sometime. But if things like that don't interest you there is always Franks social outlook and guitar chops that few could equal. While not a set for the new fan it does show one of rock's best innovators at his finest.


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Been working my way through some Bones UK. Pretty neat stuff with an edge.

I recommend: Girls Can't Play Guitar, I'm Afraid of Americans, and Pretty Waste if you want to give it a sample. Pretty Waste has a sick opening beat.



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Been on a Lamb of God kick while I'm trying to concentrate at work.
Like how the drummer plays.

Speaking of drummers, been rocking some Dethklok lately, too. Gene Hogland is a beast on the drums.
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Steely Dan - Alive in America

Live from 1995 and arrangements are different so the band has fun, too. I like most of the changes especially the newly
syncopated Reelin' in the Years.



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You may be surprised to learn that the song "Space Oddity" was the only one NOT produced by Tony Visconti on the original album and single. He didn't like it and thought is was only a novelty song and passed off production to his assistant Gus Dudgeon.

Tony Visconti mix.