What Whiskey, Rum or Cognac are you drinking today.


Bueller.... Bueller...... Anyone....... Anyone?
Is that a single serve whiskey shot? Where did you find that? Is it any good?
It is. Kind of a joke as the guy next door quit drinking and gave me them a few years back. Was cleaning out my desk and found them. I may have to try one.

cabaiguan juan

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Maybe you know this or maybe not. If you save up all the different Blanton's stoppers. You can send them to the distillery and they will mount them on a stave and send them back to you.

ETA: At least that's what they told me on the tour.
I didn’t know that. I did hear that each stopper/top has a letter on it that if you collect enough will spell Blanton’s
School's out for the summer (Finally! My year runs longer than the students' because I do all the ELA curriculum design for my charter district) so while sunny days beckon . . . . it's going to be a Dark & Stormy™ night. ;)


Glendronach 12. Neat, with a Topo Chico mineral water back.

It's really lovely having this available locally again. Fantastic Scotch. Similar to Balvenie Doublewood, but more robust & fuller on the palate.