What Whiskey, Rum or Cognac are you drinking today.


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I've been on a kick to try some things I haven't had before and add to the "collection". Well, the Oban I've had and loved for years, just never actually had my own bottle of it. Here's a few things I've picked up recently:



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I use it for my finer (i.e., not on the rocks) bourbon selections like Stagg & Blanton's and it's fine, but it's not really my preferred shape for that. There's a glass I just cannot freakin' find anywhere---someone donated it to my local cigar lounge's barware collection & I swear I've actually contemplated STEALING it, lol---that is tulip shaped like that, but shorter, wider, and unfooted.

These are the closest I've found and I'll probably order them eventually:

Spiegalau Bourbon Glasses

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My hesitation with them is they're listed as a 13 oz. glass & that seems . . . a bit large. The Glencairn is only 6 oz.


There are a couple options here that resemble your glass


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Wife bought me a nice bottle of 4 Roses Single Barrel for my birthday. She always stinks at getting me a presents so typically she doesn't even try. This time she did good!! She knew I have been hunting Blantons because a local Cigar shop did a barrel and it sold out in 30 minutes (which was 2 hours before I got there)IMG_0328.jpg


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How is alcohol sold there? I’ve lived in areas where the only places that can sell whiskey are state or county run liquor stores.
You can buy alcohol in just about any gas station, convenience store, grocery store...and of course liquor store. Having said that, you aren't getting anything good/quality anywhere but a liquor store.