What's in your pipe? 2021


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Dec 9, 2011
Good morning, the situation here is not so good, our life here has suddenly deteriorated so much that it has a direct impact on our health. The 3 main reasons are: the new neighbours (here we ironically call them "Investors") and the lack of peace-sleep from them, the unusualness of the dogs on the balconies and the fact that they get dirty on the side-walk (here things are not organized as in other countries) and all 3 are Lockdown and the restrictions we had from the state-police (only we, not the "Investors").
I have gained weight, my blood pressure has increased and I am generally not in a good mood. I do not smoke or drink coffee as before, I have stopped modifying pipes and uploading material to my blog. I try to improve my quality of life as much as I can but it is extremely difficult with so many restrictions, I also can not complain because the system is deliberately made that way.


Skandinavik Sungold.
Stay strong brother!!!! It will get better. At least you have your worry beads.