What's on your plate today?


Where did all my money go?
Second Christmas eve with the GF. Cooked up some prime rib eyes, roasted brussel sprouts, and roasted red potatoes. 2010 Clos Du Val cab to drink. Selection of desserts to finish. Merry Christmas, all!
Funny! We cook that exact meal on our Big Green Egg all the time. The veggies are always done in foil packets. You could never make it look outstanding with plating, but man it taste so good when the potatoes are done to the right crispness.


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Working in IT I'm with a lot of folks from India, and over the years I've taken a deep dive into the food. Only started cooking it in earnest the last couple of years, and my teammates know I want brutal honesty...compare me to how your grandma makes it and let it rip. Tomorrow I'm taking in some traditional snacks I've been working on. Dal Kachori...a spicy lentil mixture stuffed into a flour/ghee/water dough kind of like you'd fill a Chinese dumpling, but then rolled out to flatten them and then fried at a low temp till golden. They are kind of a pain but damn they are good. Kansas City has a pretty amazing amount of great Indian food, but you don't see these around much.