What's your latest purchase - 2014


Craft Beer Lover...
Tat Pudgy Monsters...  Gurkha Ghost Angel Tubos...
It's been a loooong time since I've bought any boxes.  Feels good!


(5) San Louis Rey Serie G Matural
(5) Torano Exodus Finite BFC
(20) Gurkha Titan
(5) A. Turrent Reserva De La Casa
(20) La Perla Habano Vintage 2002
(5) Rosalones by Joya de Nicuragua
(25) El Triunfador No 7
(20) Flor de las Antillas
(10) Hechicera Natural
(20) Rocky Patel Nording
Havana Footlocker Humidor
Cigar Caddy Crystal Gel Humidifier
Jetline Gotham Triple Flame lighter
Vector Quattro lighter
Moretti Carbon Fiber Jet Torch Lighter
(3) Don Salvatore Cigar Cutters


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I have another box of L-40's on the way. Was organizing some things yesterday and found another box. Does anybody want some of these?

Capt J

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Taking advantage of the late summer days with longer smokes out on the back porch.


Have been wanting to try some Davidoffs for awhile now. Actually got 20% off one of their 12 stick samplers so I jumped on it. Just came in the mail yesterday with Bill's box. Yesterday was a great day.


Kid Montana said:
Box of 12 Dirty Rats!
I opened this thread seeing you as the last person to post and just assumed your purchase was of some fancy Fuente. You're letting me down, Kid!


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Big pickup to startup again.

Boxes of:
Tatuaje Reserva Petite Cazadores
Tatuaje Noellas Reservas
Puggie Monsters
Undercrown Pigs

5ers of:
Short story maduros
Illusiones Holy Lance Maduros

Singles of Viaje's latest releases and a skull crusher


Secret Squirrel
Hammer and Sickle Hermitage
Toro, Double Corona