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Where am I staying while in Barcelona ???

You sir must be on the same wavelength as my wife as I honestly just heard the name for the first time when she told what she booked. Next time I need advice on what to gift her I am calling you 😉. Congrats on the win

But this ended way sooner than I thought so here comes part 2

Guess which hotel my wife picked for our stay in Madrid and win a mystery fiver. Same rules apply

Oh yeah if @Gavin goes 2 for 2 I might just have to have a serious conversation with my wife 🤷‍♂️😉
That was @Darin, but a lot of the same letters, Dan! I will take the prize package, however. Addy sent.
Well, I have been told by an old Italian grandma that I have The Malook. 😅

Thanks again!! Now to focus my Third Eye on Madrid ... hmmm.
Oh yeah if you work for TSA, CIA, FBI or any other 3 letter secret 🤫 organizations please refrain from participation. And if you work for FDA and regulate our cigar taxes 🖕🖕🖕
Well, this excludes me but I hope you have an awesome time in Spain! Drink a good bottle of Rioja for me!