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    The Letters - Update December 21, 2008

    Here's a thread on it from CF. "Bait & Switch"
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    Humidor on ebay?

    Nearly all of the humidors sold these days are cheap, Asian made boxes. Most of them will work O.K., but anyone who becomes serious about cigars quickly outgrows a typical desktop humidor. What most people don't know is that if you get more than one desktop humidor, they breed and overpopulate...
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    Little confused on wine storage

    Some wine retailers are more conscientious than others.The better ones have provide temperature control storage, especially for higher end wines that may not turn over as quickly. Another consideration are the conditions wines are subjected to before they arrive at the retailer. It's becoming a...
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    Digital Hygro Deals

    IMO, digital hygrometers that can be recalibrated are the way to go. Heartfelt Industries sells one and there's also the one from Xikar. BTW, the Boveda Calibration Kit comes with a tiny 75% Boveda Pack, while the full sized 75% Boveda pack sells for a dollar less (without the reclosable plastic...
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    Humidity control preference for cabinet?

    I've had an Aristocrat Plus with the Set and Forget system for over 9 years, but I also keep a couple pounds of dry 65% beads in it to control any seasonal humidity spikes. BTW, anyone I've known who's ever owned a Moist n Aire has had difficulty regulating it. You usually find Moist n Aire...
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    What to buy ?

    I'm a big fan of PLPC, so I don't see how you could go wrong with those. Another one I'm fond of is Le Hoyo des Dieux. A 50 count cab of those would fit nicely with that money burning a hole in your pocket, but a 25 count cab might be right if you want to be conservative. The more age you can...
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    What Whiskey, Rum or Cognac are you drinking today.

    $80? Sheesh, that's too bad. I've been enjoying Abelour A'bunadh lately and the Total Wine store in my neck o' the woods sells it for $52.99. I've noticed distinct differences in the Bin 27 and Bin 28. The 27 seems sweeter with smokey malt and molasses, while the 28 has a decidedly peppermint...
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    Partagas Pirmaide EL '00

    Several years ago, I sold the better part of a box of the Party Piramides based on what I had originally paid for them at release (reasonable). For years, I kept hoping that they would develop more balance, but every time I smoked one, it was rustic to an extreme and not at all a pleasant cigar...
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    Boveda Hygometer Calibration Kit directions?

    The humidifier that comes with the Boveda calibration kit is about a quarter the size of the standard Boveda pack, which is available for 75% at about a buck less than the calibration kit. So even though you'd have to supply your own ziplock bag to test a hygrometer, why not jusy opt for the...
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    I seem to recall reading that a few of the very first Siglo VI's were released with the old style band. I ordered some of the OR Sig VI when they became available, but mine were sans bands, so I never knew if it had the new band or not. I tried one a couple months after receiving them and while...
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    Never Smoked a CC

    It's just a variation of the old "Gee, I've never had one of those before" mooch.
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    Cognac Drinkers. What is your favorite cognac?

    As with wine, it's often the smaller manufacturers who produce the more interesting stuff. I prefer the Cognacs from Delamain and Hine over those from the large houses. Everything Delamain makes is XO quality from Grande Champagne vineyards.
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    Cognac question

    I can't tell you how old it is, but it certainly looks like something that hasn't been available for quite some time. Whatever the age, it would not improve the quality as spirits age in the barrel, not the bottle. It may have some collectible value, though. As far as the "Cognac Fine...
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    Hennessey Cognac

    If you want to see what XO Cognac can really be, try Delamain. Their entry level Cognac, the Pale & Dry, is aged for an average of 25 years in oak and would typically sell for less than Hennesey XO or Parardis, about $90.00. Everything Delamain produces is made from prime Cognac grapes (Grand...
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    Cigar Family is down

    I think they're still waiting on the boxes.