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    Traveling with cigars

    I also use a Cigar Caddy when traveling and never had any big issues. Only issue I have is if the plane overheads are too full and the caddy is in a suitcase, sometimes it's gets checked at the gate. The altitude and pressure really create a tight seal. I've wounded myself pretty good trying to...
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    Cigar Girl® for 10/14/14

    Wow stunning
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    Cigar count?

    I have about 350 in a cooler. Most still in sealed boxes.
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    Pearl Harbor Fact

    Great story. Thanks for sharing.
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    A great day...

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    My Koi Pond

    Very cool!
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    Item covered under warranty

    I second that as well!
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    And now for some good news

    Great news doc!
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    New Illusione Releases

    Wow they look great.
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    Twigs/stems inside cigars

    Totally agree with this. I would think there would be more if you see how fast some people roll on videos I have seen on youtube.
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    Drink Coke, not Pepsi!

    Congrats Jonesy!
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    R.I.P. SSgt. Kelly my F.I.L

    Godspeed Sir.   My condolences and best wishes to you and your family, Ed.
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    Surprise waiting for me

    Nicely done! Always great to get a surprise in the mail from one of the folks here at CP. It is even more fun to send them out! Cheers!
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    Buying used humidor?

    I would agree with the other comments here. Make sure they have a return policy and also do the prescribed tests of the seal.