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    Happy B-Day Jim (Keystone_Raider)

    Happy Birthday, from Vegas!
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    A little celebration ...

    Congratulations, Cory!
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    Happy Birthday

    What a great day to have a birthday! :D Hope you had a good one!
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    Happy B-Day Greg (gregor22)

    Thanks for all the birthday wishes!
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    Band of brothers

    Just read a bit on him at written by his daughter. Very intriguing, I will have to research more. Thanks for the "heads up".
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    Band of brothers

    Finally had a chance to watch the first three episodes of The Pacific. Also, I am currently reading "Helmet for my Pillow" written by Robert Leckie, which is supposed to be one of the books that The Pacific is based on. I think that had they stuck with "Helmet", the television show would be much...
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    I smoked one of the freshly rolled sticks from the Cigar Factory on Bourbon Street, too wet to enjoy.
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    5 year anni on CP next week...

    Congratulations on your anny, Jim. Thanks for hosting those Puppy passes, among all your other contributions. On another note, looking at the moocher post I noticed a post from Tom(HudsonValley), brought back fond memories of those we have lost over the years.
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    Anybody up for some fantasy baseball?

    Might be interested again. Here are my thoughts: Add a Corner Infielder and drop the extra 1B. Add a Middle Infielder. Add an Outfielder. Add two more pitchers to line up. Don't like having SP & RPs, would prefer to eliminate those designations. Small league needs to have bigger starting...
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    has not set their status and may not for a while, either.

    has not set their status and may not for a while, either.
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    Vegas advice?

    Do some homework. Most, if not all, of the casinos are hurting here in a big way. Some are offering "all inclusive"drinks and trips to the buffet for an extra daily fee. You should be able to get a good deal if you book it early enough.
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    Congrat to Dan DePaola (DePasta)

    Congratulations to the DePasta family!!! :thumbs:
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    Las Vegas

    PJ, your raffle ticket ended up winning a $25 gift certificate to Hemingway's. :D
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    Las Vegas Trip

    My social schedule(for Nullsmurf) is open on Wednesday evening for now. How about meeting at the sportsbook?