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    Today’s Smoke 2018

    RASCC. Super tight and had multiple relights. Breaks my heart.
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    Today’s Smoke 2018

    Got off early from work today. Opus X Love Affair.
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    Happy Birthday Grateful1

    Happy birthday. Smoke a good one!
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    Today’s Smoke 2018

    One of my favorite shows...
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    Today’s Smoke 2018

    La Aurora Cameroon Lancero. :)
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    New toy! Pizza anyone?

    I've been interested in one that goes on the Weber kettles, but I've not pulled the trigger. Making me think I should.
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    Today’s Smoke 2018

    My Father, The Judge.
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    Lost my best friend today

    Thoughts and prayers for you and your's...
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    Today’s Smoke 2018

    First cigar of 2018, Opus X Double Robusto.
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    Today's Smoke 2017

    La Flor Dominicana La Volcada. Last cigar of 2017, and I hated it...
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    Boris the cat

    If it's any count, here's some Jack Daniels in Tennessee. Losing a buddy sucks.
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    Happy Birthday Anthony!

    Many happy returns sir! Smoke a great one tomorrow. :cool:
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    Were you a good S/BOTL? What did Santa bring?

    Mrs. KB's boss gave her a spy, I mean Alexa. We are still playing around with it though. Love the news updates.