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    Uh-Oh, QdO fans!

    QdO is a Romeo brand with forteleza suave. It tasted like a Romeo until Cubatabaco killed it in 2004 and brought it to Partagas where the factory rolls forteleza fuerte. Sure, if you like smoking Partagas Lite, then maybe QdO is for you, but it tastes horrible for anyone who remembers or was...
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    Uh-Oh, QdO fans!

    Are these considered good now that they are discontinued? Last good ones were from JNL04?
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    Still haven't learned pass (lets go)

    Maybe...just have Carlito throw the box into the ocean, I'm sure it will float up here by next January. And I'll ask Jim if he wants to put something in with me when it arrives next year.
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    Still haven't learned pass (lets go)

    Mmmmm Portmann Robusto...
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    Sign a petition lifting the Embargo with Cuba

    Only 99,999 left to go! Hell that's like 33 thousand people per day. What is this, a school project?
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    Johnny-O! Pricing & Sizes

    Keep smoking and you'll figure out what you like. But wow, that sounds a bit much for a cigar. If I may give a piece of advice, it would not be of a cigar, but the budget. I think for 80 loonies, you could get about 3-5 cigars up there.
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    Min Ron Nee

    You could go ask MRN on CA, apparently he has taken residence over there and holds office hours between 11pm-3am EST.
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    Johnny-O! Pricing & Sizes

    John's CG's are smoking off the chain right now. Highly recommended!
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    What recent production has blown your mind?

    You make a very interesting observation with what something "should taste like" young. If you are basing off the fresh stock of pre-98, I'd say the change of tobacco makes this comparison difficult to make. If you were basing off post '03 stock, all I can say is that the recent '12s smoke miles...
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    Cohiba Maduro 5, Real or Fake?

    Did the dark corojo wrappers go through maduro fermentation?
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    What recent production has blown your mind?

    I disagree. LGC Inmenso, all Partagas, and RASS have been phenomenal. This is just my opinion, obviously.
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    Plume or Mold - the universal question?

          And where did this THC sample come from, pray tell. Sourced for scientific purposes, I'm sure. That "macro" picture of mold on bread...It looks like a god damn anemones and it's freaking me out. Can you imagine if you walked into your kitchen and one of those stems was all up in your...
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    Where to Buy Duty Free Cuban Cigars for Diplomatic Mission?

    Gents please, he is going on a diplomatic mission.   Where are you going? Can I come?
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    What recent production has blown your mind?

    All '12 boxes have been superb across the board.
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    No power outages so far on the island

    I'll cover myself with tobacco leaves.