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    Here's an example of the X seal. You can see the original seal under it.
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    Crushed Car Contest!

    $2 It always works on 'The Price is Right'. :laugh:
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    North American Humping Tortoise

    :laugh: :laugh: Those would have been two African Spurred Tortoises (Geochelone sulcata) aka: Sulcata's. I have two in my backyard. And yes, when those two 'get going' it's a sight to see and hear! lmao!! I've had the neighbors look over the fence wondering what all the noise was. Should have...
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    July 20th, 1969

    Wow, 40 years ago. I remember watching it on tv and getting the call from the newspaper telling me I would be delivering this the next morning.....
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    Tatuaje, how is it?

    PM sent......I think! :D
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    Tatuaje, how is it?

    Got a grinder? I'm about 10 minutes up the 605 from you. Let's set something up and I'll bring a bag of beans and couple of gars.
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    Tatuaje, how is it?

    One batch. Started out with about 3 pounds of green which ends up being a little less then 2 1/2 pounds of finished product.
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    Tatuaje, how is it?

    Actually, it's all sold to Starbuck's. :laugh:
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    Tatuaje, how is it?

    You are correct. I was confused. :blush: As far as why anybody would french roast a bean is beyond me. But, that's just me. At that point of the roast ( app. 475 degrees ) the compounds and oils are burned out of the bean leaving a burnt taste to the coffee. The beans in the pic were pulled...
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    Tatuaje, how is it?

    Ummmmm...look a little closer. Than would be fresh roast not french roast. Time to switch to decaf? :whistling: